Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elements of a Room in Progress - first corner

Slowly (9 years after moving in) I am finding the energy and inspiration to do something with my Problem Room. This is the room at the front of the house which in spite of its size (large) and light (perfect in the morning) we have never really done properly. It is a formal room but I do want to to be used.

It gets dappled light through the leadlight windows and is quite the perfect place to read, sit in front of the fire or to take a little tea or gin and tonic.

Here are the basic elements so far:

(Persian rug, 5 m by 4m)

(shot of one of the couches, 2 and 3 seater, upholstered in pale green corduroy type fabric)

(one of the windows, this is in the creepy alcove, there is also a bay window)

(this is our disco ball light, I think it is Swedish)

(this is it switched on - I sometimes think it may take out the local powergrid)

(some of the bird prints)

(we have to keep this it is from the 1950s or maybe earlier and was my husband's grandparents)

As you can see there is quite a lot of green going on. The colour of the new century. So who could be more suitable than that early 20th century dark soul, Gustav Klimt. So, my idea is that the room would be a suitable place to display this.

Or this.

I think planning a room around a painting one will never own is just as good a starting point as any.

And this is what I have done so far. One corner.

The size of the room makes it difficult to plan. I am beginning to think I need to have little sitting spots, different zones and areas to make it work. Something like these:

Is this approach sound? I hope it doesn't take me another 9 years to finish this room!

(Images - Jane and last three Homes and Gardens UK)


Mise said...

I'm a fan of grouped furniture in large rooms, especially if one or two groups are designated the main ones and centered on lovely rugs. Your chair looks great there, and I like your approach to room-planning round a painting you don't have.

brismod said...

You have great stuff to play with. I like the idea of a G&T room. I particularly like the idea of the last image of the built-in bookshelf. And the awesomeness of the little heads on the green platter!

Jane said...

Those little heads are apparently Cambodian and quite old - they cam from my mother and I have been meaning to get them stuck on a little pole in a block of lucite but now I am thinking that they look okay in a bowl. Like a headhunter might collect !

karen said...

You have given the room life with the lovely flowers on the table. Good feng shui. The disco ball rocks the house!! Thanks for following my blog, and for your your blog, and will stop by often. Hope to see how your room turns out. Especially liked the to Russia With Love post. Nesting doll dolls..who would have thought!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

That looks like a beautiful room, Jane. I love the deep skirting boards and the wooden floor. I think that you know what you're doing and you're on the right track. You have some lovely pieces which are very personal to you ....things that make a house a home. I really like the corner with your lovely chair and table and your rug looks beautiful...lovely soft colours. XXXX

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh I really love that first painting, gorgeous.

It's so hard to do rooms, I really admire people who effortlessly decorate.

You have some lovely ideas, love that last photo.

Monika said...

Very good start, Jane! It looks lovely. I think it is an awesome idea to plan a room around a painting. It makes it much easier to create a good color scheme based on a painting. And it suits your stuff perfectly.The pendant is awesome!

Lee said...

Jane, you have such a beautiful home - thank you for the sneak peek into the 'good front room'. Lee :)

Samy said...

Jane your home is lovely. I think all the elements that you've shared are those of any well-decorated space. I like your idea of having grouped furniture. That green chair is gorgeous.

Meg said...

hi! i just came across your blog, and i had to comment on this room post... i love redecorating rooms. especially big, airy, light ones that have so many possibilities! i love the green, and the idea of several sitting areas. i think there is so much potential... just do what makes you comfortable and happy, and you'll enjoy the room for a long time to come!

Millie said...

Mmmm this is a challenge Jane, but I think you're just the person for it. Keep the greens they look fab. Not having a formal Dining Room for the first time ever in a house, I'd be commandeering this room immediately for just that purpose.
Millie ^_^

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