Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaway Winner is...........

(Elizabeth David in her kitchen)

The lucky winner of the giveaway is.....

First I need to clarify that I did not use to select the winner because I got some comments by email and I needed to include them in the draw.

I therefore got my daughter, who has no interest whatsoever in the process, to draw a name from a large bowl.

So, the good news for Mise from Pretty Far West, is that you are the winner of the Elizabeth David book on Italian Food.

I think it is obvious this draw was not rigged, given I now have to post something to the far far west of Ireland. I am sure you are all interested in how much that will cost. I will tell you once My Assistant has calculated it. Mise please email me your address so I can begin this exercise!

The bad news is that Australia Post has this week called a snap Christmas strike, so delivery of the book May Be Some Time.

The winner of the most persuasive comment is James. I can assure you if I ever make it to the very deep South, which I will one day, I would love some pasta, Elizabeth David inspired or not, around that big wooden table.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

FIX, IT'S A FIX. We all know that Mise loves winning giveaways and that you two get on really well so I'm still a little suspicious !!! Hohoho....just kidding.
I'll do my icky sickly blogging crawling act and say, Well done Mise !!!! No. seriously, well done Mise. If anyone deserved it, it's you.
Many thanks, Jane for a great giveaway and, if you don't both come over and comment on my new post, I'll know that you've taken my joke the wrong way. LOVE YOU !! XXXX

Mise said...

Oh my goodness, it's me! God bless that bowl. I'll send you my details now, Jane and then I'll go straight over to rain some righteous wrath upon Jacqueline's latest post. Maybe I'll tell her I don't like her curtains, unless that's going too far.

James XVI said...

When I first saw the small icon image for this post in my bloglist, my first thought was 'she drew my left profile!', then, clicking through, was relieved to find it was not me after all... and reminded self to fill eyeglass prescription.

Congratulations Mise on being the lucky winner!

Jane, there will always be a place at the big table for you, or readers here for that matter, so please don't be shy if you're in the neighborhood.

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