Friday, January 22, 2010

Hidden Houses in Melbourne

Some of you may have seen pictures (on Desire to Inspire or elsewhere) of this Melbourne house by Kavellaris Urban Design. It has a perforated metal facade (to comply with local planning regulations about retaining the local character of an innner urban suburb) with walls which open out to let in the rain and dry hot heat.

A few people have criticised this house (you can see this debate here) but to me it is a very Melbourne structure, and is not a 'one off'. It blends in, and hides its beauty within.

Melbourne is not a thrusting look at me city. Unlike Some Other cities to the North

Her best features are sometimes hidden behind high ficus covered walls. (And I don't care what anyone says - I love ficus. I love its thick greeny leaves which hide all manner of ills and ugliness.)

or knobbled red brick warehouse facades

or hidden behind a mirror facade, which cheekily reflects the 'heritage' all around it:

House in Tyson Street, Richmond, by Jackson Clements Burrows

complete with hidden roof top deck:

or turned into a commentary on our celebrity culture:

(Pamela Anderson house, in Albert Park, by Cassandra Fahey)

or maybe just a metal facade or wooden slats will do the necessary job of hiding:

Toorak house by SAAJ Design

(Not sure, have lost source for this)

and for the ultimate hidey hole, why not half bury the house underground:

(Narveno house, Hawthorn, McBride Charles Ryan)

Is there anything better than house as fortress and protection from the outside world?

(Images (1)-(3) KUD (5) Glimpse of Style (6) JCBA (7) Flickr (8) SAAJ (10) McBride Charles Ryan)


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'll be the strange one Jane & say I commend all the architects for thinking outside the box. I applaud creativity and those brave enough to subject themselves to being different and possible criticism. Thanks for this great post. So fun to see; I am a huge architectural junkie!!

Now if I could only buckle down & write my own post. My brain is void of any humor or my own creativity this week...eek..
Happy weekend to you dear Jane xx

Millie said...

I think these designs are fabulous! I would hate to think architecture & design stood still in time to please the purists. Life & its demands are fluid & change constantly, as good design should.
Millie ^_^

Rebecca said...

oh STOP!!!!!!!! i don't think i could take any more amazing-fabulousness! i want them all, but ESPECIALLY the first one. pure genius!

thanks, great post :)
(sorry for the overexcited exclamation marks and caps. but hey, it's friday and if you can't get excited about a house, when can you?)

have a fab weekend!

Mise said...

That first house I utterly love. It looks ghostly, as though it's only half there and might disappear any minute. And then it opens out to the beautiful light within and becomes real.

(Enjoying Elizabeth David very much, by the way, Jane!)

Engracia said...

What a great post, it has prompted me to see what alternative magic Sydney has to offer. I'm interested to see how councils, owners and designers work to make homes that are livable yet don't conform to the same old styles we often see.
Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

I love that house, particularly at is so imaginative and flexible looking somehow. I agree that we should commend this sort of work...why is it that everyone wants everything to blend in anyway? How boring. I must say you have got some much more progressive architecture going on than we do in New York...lucky.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I love old houses and have always lived in them BUT it certainly doesn't mean that I can't appreciate these beautiful modern structures. As much as I love old buildings,we have to progress and each decade should have it's own architecture. I particualy like the first house with the open doors. Beautiful, Jane. XXXX

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Jane
I love the first house. I think i have seen it in one of our aussie magazines... to be honest I prefer something more traditional for myself.. ie I've always loved the gracious old federation homes, but that doesn't meant I can't appreciate the aesthetic of these beauties... not everyone up north wants a mc Mansion ha ha in fact my suburb has downright destroyed the beauty of it's beachfront walks with mc mansions popping up everywhere... it worries me what the councils up here do approve...

Very interesting post Jane... oh and by the way .. they are Armani not Rayban.. ha ha Have fun ..xx Julie

The Goods Design said...

I think that first house is incredible! I'd definitely be proud to call it my home!

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