Monday, February 22, 2010

Begone Lilac Walls

I wrote here about the lilac walled room my 2.5 year old son was inflicted with. 

Time has moved on, he is a bit older now (2.11) and what have I managed to achieve?  Well, we have finally painted the room, and here it is in all its Dulux Antique White USA-ness.  

It took three coats to get rid of the purple walls.   The painters were very proud of their work. 

They used oil, and stripped back years of not so good paintwork to make the architraves  and window frames sing. 

I read a column in the Christmas Spectator by Toby Young which touched a chord with me. 

His son was asked by his teacher to write down his Christmas wishes.  The sole item on his wish list was 'Lite bulb'. When asked why, he told his teacher that the light globe in his bedroom blew several months ago and as he was still waiting for his father to replace it he thought maybe Santa could do the job instead.

Of course I wouldn't want you to think that I leave my children light-bulb-less in darkened rooms but there are all those little things we mean to get around to - pumping up the bicycle tyres, fixing the loose hem on the school dress, buying a lunchbox that doesn't have cracks in it, setting up the Lego properly, finding the time to sit down and do the paper doll book properly.  And so on.  

 Am I the only one?   Oh the guilt.    It never ends does it? 


brismod said...

His room looks wonderful. I feel sorry for the painters who had to strip those architraves - not an easy task. Are you still doing the built-in bed thing? And about parenting guilt...I sold the boys' bikes at our garage sale before we moved here because they had flat tyres and couldn't face shifting another load of stuff. That is worthy of (if such a thing exists).

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Jane,
My children are 30 and 28 and we are still doing things for them and worrying about them. I'm afraid you are never just help decorate their houses !!
I love what you have done to your little one's room. We had a room that was painted in an aubergine colour and we did a first coat of some special block out paint.
There is so much to keep up with when you have children, isn't there !!
I presume that it was one of these painters that got an eyeful, Jane !! Perks of the job, I think they call it. XXXX

Engracia said...

I'm still doing up the boys rooms (yes they have their own). I have these framed prints lying on the guest bedroom waiting to be hung in their rooms. They have been waiting for a year!!

Ticking stripes said...

I'm guilty of not doing reenactments for my gorgeous girl -a la Mise at Pretty Far West - and wondering whether it's too late to save her!

Mise said...

Jane, are you me? I have a 2.11 year old as well and I'm always going round madly getting things done and guiltily thinking of all the slower, equally important things I'm not getting done for the children. And that includes paper dolls. Multi-tasking has set into my soul now and it's difficult to do only one thing at a time. Children seem to prefer one thing. They're wiser than we are.

JMW said...

Oh, I know how you feel. So many projects, so little time. And, the guilt, oh, the guilt!

Laura said...

With such beautiful white walls he should have nothing to complain about, and you have nothing to feel guilty about!

Millie said...

It took turning 50 for me to ditch my procratinating ways, now it's full steam ahead & decisions are made in an instant & acted on! The new old room looks fab Jane, I worried about how your son was going to explain his lilac walls in the future to all the other blokes at footy training.
Millie ^_^

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