Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Luck Ganesha

How often, I wonder, do people return to the same place they have stayed before on their travels, even one they have really enjoyed?  Quite rarely,  I am guessing.  There are so many other wonderful places to visit, and who needs routine and the familiar on holiday.   However  I am sure that the return visit is, like a repeat shop visitor, what all hotel and resort owners aim for.

We have visited the same magical place in Bali three times now.  It is in northern Bali and getting there is an adventure in itself involving a 7 hour flight (which if you are flying Garuda could indeed be taking your life in your own hands - in fact I could do a whole post on Garuda stories I have heard), negotiating customs, confronting the heat and humidity, then a 6 hour drive from the bottom of the island to the top, through chaotic Kuta, dodging motorbikes and Spirit Day processions, across a volcano, through the misty mountain top and vegetable gardens, and down into the rice paddies outside Singaraja.  In our case it also unfortunately has involved numerous toilet and vomit breaks.

Having said that, Puri Ganesha has inspired us in so many ways and also help me to keep dreaming of new ideas for our house.  Thank you Diana...

These stone lights reinforced our love for stone walls, which I wrote about here:

This spice market made me appreciate freshly ground spices and now I always cook this way excepting of course when I just can't be bothered:

And these terraces made me realise the importance of a shady quiet place to read. I am still working on this one. 

Some ideas didn't work out.    We loved this bed so much we bought a queen size bed net to fit on a frame in Ubud and I got our carpenter to rig up a wooden contraption to hang it on.  Well was that a mistake.  You know how DIY can occasionally look embarassingly unfinished and basically, crap?  Well that was what this looked like.  It lasted only a few months over our bed.   (I do have an excuse which was that I had just had a baby and was obviously not thinking straight).   Clearly some holiday experiences are best left on holiday. 

And we still have a few 'still to be fulfilled' ideas.

An outside bathroom, like this one.   In Australia, I think an outside bathroom is quite sensible and practical.  Perhaps not in Melbourne but how wonderful to step out to this each morning....

A wooden door to replace the basic standard gate we have down the side of the house, so that the dark side of the house becomes a transformational adventure, rather than a dark spider dodge:

And,  perhaps not for our current house, a deep stone paved pool, which looks somewhat like it has been carved from rock:

Or this one from the Uma Ubud:

And finally, somewhere, somehow, by hook or by crook, I will one day have a pink painted outdoor wall, like this:

(Photos: 1, 4, 5, 8 and 10 Puri Ganesha, others by Jane)


Devon said...

I was with you until you started discussing vomiting and potty breaks. ;)

What gorgeous photos. There is nothing better than a good book and a place to read it.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Wow Jane
This looks incredible.. not sure I'd want to do a 6 hour overland after the flight but it certainly looks worth it... I've only been to bali once but stayed in 2 locations yet neither had the crystal clear waters one really craves when travelling.. perhaps you need to go this extra mile for that.. Well it looks wonderful and is calling my name!! Love your spice photo too. xx Julie

Kellie Collis said...

I adore that first bed!! x

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

I've always wondered whether Garuda's reputation is deserved? But, safety aside, look at the reward. This place looks magical Jane. I can totally understand the return appeal, and for one holiday idea that can be forgiven, how fabulous are the other ideas! I'd love a tropical outdoor bathroom like this too.

Mise said...

You get a lot from your travels, Jane! Looking at most of these ideas, I felt admiring and enthusiastic but tired - the anticipatory tiredness of planning it and organising it and not having too much of a mess in the process. But the pink wall, that's an afternoon's work on a sunny day with a pot of paint and no repercussions. Do go for it!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Jane,
Well, our daughter is off to Singapore, Sydney and Bali in April with her boyfriend, so I hope that they won't need vomiting and toilet breaks too often !! haha.
I love your photographs. It all looks so beautiful. Our daughter showed us photos of the hotels in Bali, and they look out of this world.
I love those beds. Shame your DIY one didn't turn out so well. Perhaps you could have another go, and, as Mise said, the pink wall won't take long on a sunny afternoon !! I look forward to seeing the photos of the pink wall !!!! XXXX

Laura said...

You are quite brave to have made such a journey multiple times, but then some things really are just worth it that way. That is hysterical about your bed by the way. Some things look right only in a very specific setting I suppose. And totally agree about the outdoor shower! I saw a photo of Tina Turner's Mediterranean villa with an outdoor shower overlooking the ocean and just about died of envy. How gorgeous.

JMW said...

Bali - that's one of my dream vacation spots. These images are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

brismod said...

That bed story sounds like something I would've done!! Beautiful spot Jane! I can see why you would make return visits.

Millie said...

Fab post Jane, although it may have included just a little too much information. My SIL is there as we speak, on her 5th return visit. I never saw you as the girl bringing back a container load of Balinese furniture for your Edwardian villa - I've learnt something new about you!!!
Millie ^_^

Ange said...

How'd you get all those stones into your suitcases?? ;-) The pool is like one we wanted for our house in Provence and the Pink wall - I'll come and help you paint if you like! As long as it's at your house ;-)

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