Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Epicerie Tote Bag by Maron Bouillie

I have been told by my children that my green credentials are inadequate.  The most significant of my failings is that I do not have a reusable shopping bag and instead allow the shops and supermarkets to ply me with plastic bags.   Are plastic bags the number 1 crime against humanity?   My daughter thinks so.  

A French 'artiste plasticienne', Maron Bouillie, makes bags imprinted with photos of wonderful French things. Like this bag, which I hope to use in place of the evil plastic.   Her (slowly loading) website is here

I found this in yet another website free shop, Ex Libris, located in Armadale. A glittering jewellbox of a store, it sells an ecletic mix of all things French, including Gien porcelain, and design books, and door knobs, an little crystal alarm clocks, and Tolix chairs, and so on. 

This is the reverse side of the bag.   I love the details - spice jars (!), lemonade bottles, little wooden drawers and so on. 

Maron Bouillie also makes little printed purses:

And this, my favourite, an Onion Bag:

As I was in the shop, buying something, I thought I may as well buy a couple of other things (oh fatal flaw in my personality). So I bought two other Maron Bouillie creations, firstly a little car bag for my son to store his super precious, dating from the 1960s, Thunderbirds 2 and 4, which I dearly hope will extend their lives.   

And for me, a little bag to store spare embroidery cotton.  

Is it just me, or am I seeing photos printed on absolutely everything at the moment?


Unknown said...

She has beautiful photography. I love your new bag. OH and I hope your son's Thunderbirds toys last forever!
I used to wake up at 6am to watch Thunderbirds when I was a kid and still dream of having a pink car like Lady Penelope :)

Lee said...

Jane, I was in that very shop on Saturday afternoon (maybe we even passed by one another?!) admiring those gorgeous photographed bags/satchels. They're both beautiful and functional. Lee :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Jane
I love these bags and the prints are delightful.... but that thunderbird car is something... what a treasure .. your son will want to keep that forever... I too used to get up at the crack of dawn to watch thunderbirds with my brother....

I think the print thing seems to be going in and out of phases... these though are lovely.. Have a great week xx Julie

brismod said...

You spoke the truth. That site is slow loading. I like your tote bag - you'll be stylishly green when you hit the supermarket!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello Jane, I love the bag. I was about to rush to the website but if you find it slow loading I have no chance. I'm working on a dial-up laptop which is dropping out. Probably just as well. I'm one of those hopeless greens that have about twenty thousand material bags piled up. Enjoy your week. xx

Mise said...

These are lovely, and it is always vitally important to buy a couple of other things, indeed as much as you can carry. Otherwise you'll just have to return to the shop, thus wasting valuable time. Or so I tell myself.

Ange said...

In the words of one famous frog - 'it's not easy being green!!' Looks like you've mastered the art now though ;-)

Love the totes - must make a note of visiting that store when we're back home to see if I can pick up some lovely French things hahahaha

Laura said...

These are just so charming! That onion tote is wonderful, much more attractive than the sad old brown nylon sack I keep in my purse for the groceries. Had no idea you were an embroiderer...would love to see some of your work!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Jane,
I have to say that I do try on the 'Being Green' front. I have six hessian bags in the boot of my car. They have 'Green is the New Black' written on them. As I wear black nearly all the time, I thought that they were right for me !! Our supermarkets charge for their plastic bags now which is supposed to encourage people to bring their own tote bags.
Your daughter is trainimg you well !! XXXX

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Hi Jane
I love your new tote and I'm very envious of the Thunderbirds cars. How cool! I try hard on the reusable shopper front - so often though, I hit the supermarket and my reusable bags are still at home! I promise faithfully though that I do recycle all the plastic. Amanda xx

Tina said...

I love all of your gorgeous new bags Jane! The photography is gorgeous and I love that you have one for your embroidery threads!!! ~ Tina xx

iheartkiwi said...

kiwi and i actually went to that little store when we were in paris!

it's pretty well known for having amazing spices. they even have a resident store cat that lounges around all the boxes :)

Enviro Bags said...

Great tote bag.

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