Monday, July 26, 2010

A bit of pattern on the floor

I have often wondered whether our home could pull off a patterned rug.  Not just a Persian. But something modern.  One option is a small print which is pretty uncontroversial really.  

At the moment in our conversation pit we have a red shag pile rug.   Which I love.  It holds the crumbs really well, and it can look messy and squashed without it mattering.  

But I sometimes wonder whether I could live with something with a pattern which dominates the whole room?  Like this:

(Greg Natale for Designer Rugs)

Or this:

 (Marni for the Rug Company)

Or this:

(Greg Natale)

Or this:

Perhaps you need a bold rug for a bold room?

This is by Vixen, who did my light shades:

In the UK, The Rug Company makes divine rugs by Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood but the ones I love the most are by Marni:

and this was by Kim Parker (no longer available):

In Australia, Designer Rugs have just launched a new range by designer Claudia Chan Shaw.   These are not really my style but they are certainly brave. DR has also done a collaboration with Wedgewood. 

Designer Rugs also use a number of Australian designers to create rugs, including Alex Perry, Akira Isogawa, Easton Pearson and Vixen.

These two are by Akira: 

And this is by Dinosaur Designs who make wonderful jewelry, and household items, often from resin:

How beautiful is this blobby one: 

You can see the consistency of the Dinosaur Designs vision when you look at  these earrings which I bought from Dinosaur Designs in 1992 to wear to a wedding.  

I am still waiting for them to come back into fashion.

On balance I think I prefer a big flower to big blobs, Anthropologie has also done lots of flowery rugs, like this:
Or would such a rug be like a striking print dress, which one tires of too quickly?

(Images: (1) House to Home (2) Jonathan Adler at Elle Decor (3) Madeline Weinrib  (8) Elle Decor (5)(7)(9)(12)(13)(14)(15)  Designer Rugs (6) (10) (11) The Rug Company (12) Anthropologie)


Ann said...

Lovely Jane... I know what you mean about too much pattern but I love, love that Kim Parker design and I think I could have a Vixen design in my life... perhaps in the dining room where there's room for a bit of drama and rich colour. Not that I have a dining room but it's good to be prepared!

Jenny said...

I think the large patterns in the small rooms enlarge their appearance. Beautiful rooms! I do enjoy your blog.

brismod said...

I love the dinosaur design rugs and your arty earrings (they defy fashion, so they would be very fashionable now). I could see a Vixen rug in your home...

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

I think if you really love the design then you won't tire of it. A gorgeous patterned rug adds another layer to a room and is a fabulous focal point. I'm crushed that my favorite Kim Parker rug is no longer available. I've had a picture of it on my inspiration board for 100 years!!

Mise said...

I do like patterned rugs - they aren't a huge commitment as wallpaper and they add such flair. The Marnis and the Kim Parker have my vote - I can never move on from florals.

Millie said...

Like you, I'm ultra fussy about buying the right contemporay rug Jane. The last one I bought was for one of boy's rooms & featured Noddy & Big Ears driving in their little red car. Your gorgeous post has rekindled my interest.
Millie ^_^

Lissa Pierce said...

I say definetly go for it! Especially if you don't have any competing pattern in the room. And I'm talking major pattern...not stripes or anything. Some of those large scale patterns would make a huge statement or the smaller patterns could help tie everything together.

MFAMB said...

have you seen have you seen?!?!?!
(jumping up and down in excitement)

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