Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday Chinese Style

I confess, I am not really a thrifty person.  I am the person that always gravitates towards the most expensive thing in the shop even before I know its price.  

So, if Anna's Thrifty Tuesday encourages some more thriftiness in my life, that has to be a good thing.  

Here are three things I love which cost no more than $25 all up.   I have them in our main bathroom, and that way the children can look at their serene faces when they brush their teeth.  

I bought these about 2 years ago from the local Chinese 'junk' store for $10 each.   They have that wonderful exotic 1940's Shanghai look to them.   They are quite small, only about 9 cm across, so whoever painted those features has a delicate hand.  

They sit on the bathroom bench with this: 

I bought this on our honeymoon many many years ago in the market in the centre of Istanbul.  It cost $4.50.  I don't know what the material on the top is but I love the carving.   This is also quite small, about 7 cm across.  

One day, when I have a dressing table, I can use them for ring storage.   But at the moment, they give me quite a lot of pleasure as they are.  

Happy Thrifting.   


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful Jane
I love them all.. the chinese girls are delightful and I've always had a think for that Shanghai Girl look.. I know exactly what you mean... One of my photos of my mum has a hand painted flowery background and that always reminds me of that look also.. The little jewell box is precious... I think travel curios make wonderful trinkets... and remind you of your travels .. and in your case,, honeymoon!!

Well sorry it has taken me so long to visit.. had no internet at all the last week or so... blaaaahh!!!! made me nuts!!! Have a lovely day.... and thanks for kind comments on my last post!!!! xxxx Julie

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Jane,
What pretty thrifted trinkets.....I am always suprised by the price of those little silver boxes.... and, they make good pressies too.
I am still up as we went out to dinner, got in late and then, whilst watching a film, I did a quick post and the time just ran away with me !!!! I am a bit of a nightbird anyway but, I'd better get some shut eye as I'm off to Cambridge tomorrow ! XXXX

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Very pretty. I am smitten with those Chinese paintings, just gorgeous!

Jane don't worry I'm just the same when I'm in a shop or looking in a magazine - without fail I always manage to pick out the most expensive item! The thing is that my op shop has so many darn good treasures in it that I get more and more sticky about what I'm prepared to spend my money on - plus, I really enjoy supporting local charities. :-)

Thanks for playing along today!

Tina said...

They are all gorgeous, Jane! They may be small in size, but make up for it in beauty. Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina x

brismod said...

I like how intricate these pieces are - carving and painting miniatures aren't the easiest things to do, so these are very thrifty.

Monika said...

I feel the same Jane! After wandering around in a thrift shop for an hour I finally touch one thing and it turns out that it cost a fortune! That is what happens when one is blessed with impeccable taste :-)

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Good thrifting I think Jane! Love the wee chinese boxes.
And I wanted to let you know that my very lovely iphone cover has arrived, and is making me very happy! (I emailed, but truly, you must have the most robust firewall, because everything bounces back.) So I just wanted say a big thankyou! xx

JMW said...

Don't you love pretty little things? These are wonderful.

Mise said...

I think these things are very much you in that I could never have guessed their prices - they could have cost a whole lot more and I'd have well believed it. The little ring box is a beauty.

Kellie Collis said...

What gorgeous finds! I'm loving the little box with the intricate carving. Kellie xx

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