Monday, October 17, 2011


Yesterday was a lovely day.  We had breakfast here (a place I highly recommend, and I am not the only one who is a fan - there was a queue out the door when we left) whilst the sun shined.  We went to the food market at my daughter's school, whilst the wind was cold and icy.  I came home and cooked lunch and watched a hailstorm begin outside.   The hailstorm then cleared and the the sky was blue.   Later on daughter went to a Halloween themed birthday party and it rained a bit.  And then a bit later the sky cleared up again.  Just a typical Spring day in Melbourne.

I bought these radishes at the market. Something new for me, I have never bought them before.  Ever.  I think I am scarred by memories of the crudites plus dips my mother served at her glamourous parties in the 1970s. Or something.  But they have a wonderful crispness.  

I have been dipping into the new Sophie Dahl cookbook and she has a very simple recipe for radishes.  I had no truffle salt so I improvised with truffle oil.

You take the radishes and slice them very thinly (I used a mandoline).   Layer them in a dish, allowing their ruby rims to show through.    In a little bowl mix up a tablespoon or so of truffle oil, some sea salt and some very finely chopped mint.  Pour over the radishes and let them sit a bit.  Completely divine.  I had eaten most of them by the time lunch was ready!

I know I have been in some weird places this year, medically, but these radishes reminded me of a brain MRI.

I highly recommend the Sophie Dahl book.   If not just for the chipped Granny's bowl and lace tablecloth photography, and lots of shots of Sophie in flowery tea dresses.  Seriously though, she likes my kind of food - soups, salads, hardly any sugar, chicken and lovely picky things to eat.   I feel that she would be a great laugh to have a drink with.    

Here's to another cancer free week.


glamour drops said...

Well I always walk by the beautiful bunches of radishes, with the same thought...what can I do with them?

This however, sounds delicious, so I shall bravely procure the next bunch I see and try out this recipe.

brismod said...

Mmmm....yum. Brain MRI. Don't ever become a food labeller Jane!

I do love a radish though. And apart from eating them raw or 70s style I do not know what else to do with them. I will have to try this, because I can imagine it tasting great. xx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Jane,
So lovely to see you posting and I am definitely going to buy Sophie's book. I watched her series on TV and love what she cooks. Those radishes sound delicious.
Have a lovely week and keep up that wonderful attitude of yours that, I believe, is the answer to a great many things. Much love. XXXX

Jane said...

Oh Jane, it's just wonderful to see you here again. All praise to cancer-free weeks! I must confess that I've never eaten a radish in my life. Now you have me intrigued! J x

Millie said...

Oh dear Jane, I'm ashamed to admit it but I absolutely hate radishes, sorry. However MOTH would walk over broken glass to get just one bite, he's on his way over now! Have been thinking of you heaps, so I was delighted to see MPTH pop up on my Reader. Looking forward to seeing more of your spin on Miss Dahl's recipes.
Millie xx

Vicki said...

Hi Jane,

Your breakie place looks divine, love their menu too, all seriously cool and upmarket choices. I really loved Sophie Dahl's show not only for the recipes but her smiling, sweet optimism and way of looking at life.
Roll on good health!

Kimmie said...

Always love stopping by your blog :]

Mise said...

I've struggled with finding a role for radishes (I buy them because they look good) so this will be perfect, just the sort of simple dish I like. And I'm glad you are having some well-deserved lovely days, and I see a glimpse of an intriguing new blog to be...?

Jane said...

hi Mise

Yes it's an empty blog for the moment it is in support of a book I am writing (no not a cancer book!). When the time comes I will be begging you all to follow it.


Elsa May said...

oh they do look like MRIs - how odd. I shall be trying the radish, truffle oil + mint salad radishes being one of my favourite foods. Nice to see you popping up - I hope all is well in your part of the world. Take care, Annie x

Jenny said...

Jane, it is good to see you again. Do take more photographs of flowers. You do a great job. I am glad you are doing well and like to follow you along in your process, progress. It can't be easy but you are full of grace and beauty. xo Jenny

Maxabella said...

The humble radish, huh? I think it's one of the only things I can grow. I love them fresh off the bush.

I am tempted with the Sophie Dahl book, but shy away for much the same reason as I am not buying Gwyneth Paltrow's cook book either. x

Lucy said...

Hi Jane,

glad you are doing well. When I was in hospital a few years back, my mum brought me in a salad containing six different kinds of radish. We did try to buy lots as the British radish industry was apparently suffering, but the other patients seemed somewhat amazed. There is a huge variation in them though.

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh they look delicious. I would have polished them all off before lunch too. Week by week, good to hear. We're doing the week by week thing too here. Makes you appreciated every.single.minute. Good to see you out and about . A-M xx

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