Friday, August 24, 2012

Blue and White Scarves

Still looking around, in a general, aimless way, for some more things for the beach house.   No, I do not move fast.  

I want to frame a scarf, which is of course a not very original design world idea.  Just check out Pinterest for all the gazillion examples of this look. 

Specifically however I would like blue and white and ideally a map.

I love this the most, from Table Tonic (only available in store) which Louise posted on Instagram yesterday:

I actually have a couple of Hermes scarves, as I mentioned in this post, which I contemplated wearing when I had no hair.  You know in the end I never wore a scarf when I was bald.  I just did not like the people staring which went with it.  The expression of someone who looks sad and shocked and sympathetic and pitying all at one time and then quickly tries to disguise it because they feel bad is something you only want to see a few times. 

The sadness for me is that the colours of my scarves, given to me by my mother, really don't suit me. In fact when you browse Hermes designs, some of them are just not that easy to wear.  Maybe that is why people have started framing them.

Here is another with a map in it (actually looks like the same designer as the one above):

(via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

The ones I like tend to be older.   Like this:

This is from 1969, design by Francoise de la Perriere.

Or this one, from One Kings Lane, which is a 2000 design.

And this amazing collage (sorry lost source), has some beautiful little blue and white in it. 

I can see this is going to be a long term project.

Weekend in Melbourne this weekend.  Lots to do including:

  • take children to see Brave
  • fish curry for dinner tonight. 
  • buy bedside table for son's room.
  • buy under bed storage for son's room.
  • clean out dining room.
  • college university reunion dinner tomorrow night. 
  • take bags of clothes to the Salvos.
  • get some sleep. 
  • do a bit of work. 
Have a lovely weekend.   If you want to see what I cook I will try to remember to post it on Instagram


Faux Fuchsia said...

Hello, long time no post!

I think the secret with Hermes scarves is to fold them longways in the shoppe and look at the colours on the corners. This is what Maitai (Hermes Champion par excellence) says to do and I am nothing, if not a Follower of Maitai. Her scholarship knows no Bounds.

I say frame them x

Emma said...

Hi Jane, I am just down the road from Table Tonic. More than happy to pick anything up for you. Have a lovely weekend. Emma x

Unknown said...

You know I actually never considered this.....I cant believe I am only stumbling upon this now....Thank you....I love new inspiration.

Sarah B said...

I don't own anything Hermes but it's on my wishlist. I agree, some of the colours can be a bit ticky, but would be great framed, though having said that, I do love the simplicity of the blue and white one Louise showed on IG.
ps I'm good at moving slow re decision making too!

annie said...

I have one Hermes scarf which is rather lovely turquoises and rose colours but I just look like a pin head and the scarf look is not me either. I feel guilty for not wearing such a lovely gift and may just pass it forward at the clinic to make somebody's day. I have yet to find a truly funky way of wearing a scarf that does not scream, "Victim!"- and I normally love scarves!?
My sister has framed the pretty floral fabric of the skirt she was wearing the night she met her husband 10 years ago and it hangs in their bedroom.

Claudia Lane said...

Lovely inspiration x:)

count it all joy said...

Hmm, methinks I'll have to start a new board on Pinterest! Just love the idea of the blue and white combination particularly. Clever clogs. Meredy xo

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting :)

Blue and white reminds us of tiles in Portuguese houses. Dreamy.

_TG xx

Slim Paley said...

I never do anything quickly either, so don't feel badly!

PS. Nice to see you on Instagram!!


PS. Hermes scarf tip- NEVER wash them. Even in very cold water, delicately. They run.
Yes, embarrassed to admit; I tried. :(

JMW said...

Love the idea of framed scarves, especially the ones you featured here. Very pretty! Have fun this weekend - sounds like some great activities await you!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Jane - it's so great to read your posts again. I love the idea of framing great scarves so much better than leaving them in a drawer if you don't fancy wearing them. Your weekend in Melbourne sounded jam packed. I hope your reunion dinner was a fun one?

Sending you all my best from cold Scotland

x Deb

EPC said...

I love the classic designs!Elle

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