Thursday, May 27, 2010

Salad Days at the Bouzy Rouge

What do you get when the interior designer whose very own dining room looks like this:

And whose hallway entrance looks like this:

And who designed my favourite bathroom ever in the history of the world:

turns his hand to restaurant decoration?

You get the Bouzy Rouge, in Richmond, a refurbished pub, owned by Jose and Sandra De Oleivera and decorated by Jean Pierre Heurteau, responsible for the above interiors.  You also get an interior which is over the top to say the least.

So, perhaps as expected there is a bit of road kill on the walls with chandeliers thrown in for good measure:

lots of animal print:

and these bejewelled crowns, which act as  bread baskets and make one feel rather Maid Marianesque:

I had a wonderful long lunch for a friend's birthday on a recent Sunday. It was a feast to break the famine I hadn't really had but I could pretend.

We were a table of 10, which was fun for us but not so fun for the waitstaff.  However we had charming, patient, non eye rolling service in a crowded environment.

To begin with we had lots of plates to share (including scallop ceviche with pistachio and blood orange and chilli salted calamari) and then I had roast suckling pig with cabbage and crackling and a beautiful sticky jus.   Also on offer and tasted by me were a baked wild rabbit casserole which retained lots of moistness.

A place with an ever present, hovering owner, poking around behind the bar, offering up freshly cooked cake to annoying people like me who were hanging around asking to split the bill because we had to leave first, is always a good sign.  I know restaurants hate splitting the bill but sometimes it has to be done and I really think, like duck, it is a good test of restaurant management and attitude. 

I would love to return for the salads, as part of my never ending quest for interesting salads.   I think I could live on salads with a bit of beef thrown in every few days.   And well balanced ones with the correct dressing and a bit of originality are hard to come by.

Here are three on offer:
  • baby endive salad with figs, sugar peas, cranberries, walnuts, proscuitto and gorgonzola with balsamic and truffle oil dressing.
  • beetroot, roast pumpkin and chick pea salad with cous cous, preserved lemon, Persian fetta and chard.
  • salad of grilled asparagus, dehydrated olives, and green beans with a seared tuna steak and sauce gribiche.
A great place for a long lunch.   And probably dinner.  And also a drink. 
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(Images: (1) and (2) House and Garden (3) Vogue Living Australia March\April 2006  (4) and (7)  Kit Haselden on Flickr (5) and (6) Bouzy Rouge)


Tina said...

Jane, this restaurant looks divine!! I so want to visit, especially after your wonderful post! Hmmm maybe we could get a group of Aussie bloggers down to Richmond for lunch, how fabulous would that be! I love the sound of the menu and the interior is divine! Thanks for sharing ~ Tina xx

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Thanks for your post - I've never heard of Boozy Rouge even though it's quite close to me...and it looks amazing! I am definitely a yes if Tina (comment above) organises a blogger lunch there :)

Jetsetting Joyce

brismod said...

What a cool place - wish I lived in Melbourne. I love the idea of a crown full of bread. And Jane, if you are after interesting salads, have you got Tamara Milstein"s "Salads: the art of creating cool food." Every salad is a winner.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Jane, what an unusual mix I love it, especially that bathroom-the floors are heaven. Nothing is better than grand cuisine-unless it is grand design. pgt

Unknown said...

Love love this decor, minus the road kill on the wall. But I will always take a bear on my floor. LOL! This place looks too fantastic, but I live in Canada, don't think I'll get a chance to visit soon!

Mise said...

It looks like amusing opulence, which is even better than serious opulence. I guess I can hang my furs on the antlers while I dine.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Jane
I love Mise's comment.. so right.. amusing opulence!! I love love those first few interiors shots... can see why you love that bathroom.. the floors are perfect!! and the mirror too.. Will have to save this guy's name and have a look around..

Well the restaurant sounds great.. too bad I'm not closer!! Have a wonderful Friday!!! xxx Julie

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

that looks like a pub, and i love his house. incredible style.

S and O said...

Wow that is one really, really awesome pub :D


Ange said...

Guess I'm going to have to find more pairs of antlers while I'm out for my runs in the mountain if I want to get the right 'look' for my wee French farmhouse eh. Sounds like a scrummy lunch! Most people in France split the bill - big table or little table. You just have to know how to do your maths in advance ;-)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Jane,
What a wonderful restaurant,Boozy Rouge looks. I love the over-the-top decoration as it doesn't go too far. It still seems to retain a tasteful look.
A great interior designer who certainly likes his deer's heads and antlers !!
I'm with you regarding salads. I could eat them 3 times a day, everyday !! Our daughter-in-law is the same. If she doesn't have salad, she feels that her day isn't complete !!
You really give us some wonderful ideas and recipes and these salads have some great combinations.
Enjoy the weekend, Jane and eat well ! XXXX

iheartkiwi said...

what a gorgeous space! almost too beautiful to eat in... almost :)

i would love to try the beet root and roasted pumpkin salad!

Millie said...

Oh be still my beating heart - a restaurant with interesting salads, hooray! Yes, Jane, Jean Pierre H. would never be welcomed into the Minimalist School of Interior Design, but who cares, he's such a unique character & he has done a fabulous job with the BR decor. Although I almost feel a wee bit of uncharacteristic constraint on his behalf.
Millie ^_^

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Natasha in Oz said...

I would fly down for an Aussie bloggers lunch-that restaurant looks sensational! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

And I might even fly across for a lunch at the Bouzy Rouge. Even the name so appeals!
And please, share your salad recipes. I so agree with you - I love a great salad any time.

Devon said...

Bouzy Rouge? That wins "Best Name Ever" for a restaurant. Sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon with a couple magnums of champagne.

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