Friday, March 30, 2012


Have you seen this UK magazine?  It is difficult to track down here in Australia but it is worth it. 

There are only two editions a year, and it is heavy and thick and glossy and decadent like an Italian Vogue, and packed full of fantastic interviews, great fashion, amazing photography and lots of dreamy things.   To me, it is exactly what a magazine should be.   I am off to Amazon to try to find a cheap subscription. 

On the cover is Christy Turlington my favourite secret crush supermodel.  I loved her in the 80s, I love her doing her yoga thing and I love her being a mother.     To me, she has always seemed very unaggressive and gentle.  No tantrums, no odd surgery. 

(by Peter Lindbergh)

(by Sofa and Mauro)

It was my birthday this week and I received yesterday a lovely little package in the post which looked like this:

It was from Jane, fellow lawyer and blogger, of Planet Baby.  So thoughtful in this day and age to take the time to make a gift, wrap it, write a card and post it all.  Just blows my mind really.  Thank you dear Jane it is much appreciated (and you have a lot of challenges at the moment) and here is the gift, a divine Liberty heart, sitting for moment against a bronze Buddha we bought in northern Thailand a lifetime ago. 

I am becoming scarily addicted to Instagram. I know I am hardly cutting edge in this, but I do love it so. 


Elsa May said...

Happy Birthday! I love The Gentlewoman - full of gorgeous images, and good words. Christy Turlington seems so calm, quiet and content in her own skin. Something to aspire to...
Annie x

Jane said...

Oh Jane, You darling girl. I'm so glad it arrived safely and that you like it! It was a pleasure making it for you - I thought about all you'd been through over the last year or so and wanted to remind you that you have a friend down here. Enjoy it ☺. J x

Mise said...

It's a joy to see two Janes being so civil to one another, a super example of the goodness of blogging. And now I'm off to look for The Gentlewoman.

Faux Fuchsia said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hooray for another year and also Hooray for Fellow Lawyers and handmade gifts.

Have a lovely weekend x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a lovely gift Jane and so pretty, thoughtful and appropriate, I think.
Enjoy delving into The Gentlewoman. XXXX

Unknown said...

I love this magazine too...Christy is simply the best ;-)
Your blog is lovely, Jane...I've really enjoyed reading it...pop by and say hello...

Disti said...

Hi there! I really REALLY love the Gentlewoman but it's kind of impossible to get my hands on them where I am at the moment. So I've been meaning to get a friend to help me find it in Melbourne. could you please share which store you've got yours in?

Also it's ridiculous how a subscription is infinitely more expensive than buying it in the store!


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