Friday, March 16, 2012

Nautical Shelves

So long since I posted! I have been shaken out of my reverie by a kindly follower who emailed to see if I was okay.  Thank you.  

The truth is, I have been enjoying life with a minimum of injections and doctors appointments, so much so I have slipped away from here a bit.   Only one more treatment to go.  I am counting down the days till the 26th of March.  Yes it's true, I have been having intravenous treatment for that long - 15 months.  

But I do realise that if I tell people about the cancer and then don't blog, it may make people think the worst. 

Fear not, dear readers.   Am feeling fantastic.  But am sorry for lack of comments.  Really I Must Do Better. 

I have been doing a little project at the beach which took longer than it should due to delays with the wallpaper samples arriving. 

It is very simple, but makes my son's very plain little room a bit more perky.

Here is his little bed:

Longtime readers will remember I made the boat pillow during a Sunday afternoon burst of creativity.

I have found Pottery Barn and the Land of Nod to be invaluable online resources.  These places probably seem basic to readers from the US but for mine simple reasonable quality children's linen which is not festooned with superheroes or Thomas the Tank Engine is not easy to come by here in Australia.  This cover is an all in one padded doona.  Really easy to clean, and lies flat. 

There are some shelves in this room where we keep books and clothes.

I got some sample wallpaper online and lined the shelves like this:

It doesn't intrude into the zen whiteness of the room, but it really make the shelves a focus point. The wallpaper is by Thibaut and Ralph Lauren.   UK wallpaper sites are happy to send lots of samples to you, sometimes for free, sometimes for a small fee. 

In other news, I have joined Twitter.  Not 100% sure why, as I always said I have nothing interesting to say in less than a short paragraph.  But we shall see.  It does allow me to spy on people I have long been a little bit secretly obsessed with like Anthony Bourdain and Bret Easton Ellis.  Feel free to follow me.  I will not be bombarding you with tweets, I can assure you.  

Next on the list, Pinterest. 



Amanda said...

Love the styling on those shelves above. Glad all is well with you :) Pinterest is seriously addictive :)

Mise said...

Lovely shelves, Jane, and beautifully styled as well as papered. I love the VW Camper.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hey Jane,
So lovely to see you posting and that all's going well and that the reason you haven't been posting is that you are enjoying life and that there's only one more treatment to go ( phew ..... that was a long sentence !!). That's wonderful to hear.
....and, you've been working very hard by the sounds of it ..... a sure sign that your energy levels are returning .... and your son's room looks lovely. I'm sure that he's pleased with it as well.
Also, I was wondering how the Revitalash is going. Is it working ? I know that the inventor produced it for his wife who had cancer so, I thought that it might work. I really hope it is.
Have a lovely weekend Jane and I will be thinking of you on the 26th.I hope that the Champagne is on ice !! XXXX

Elsa May said...

I confess I was worrying about your lack of posts - so good to hear everything is fantastic. Such a fab choice of wallpaper for your son's shelves, and I love the gingham linen - simple and timeless. Have a wonderful weekend Jane! Annie x

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

so glad you're doing well jane!

the room is looking great - good tip about PB, i actually think i'll head there next. my boys are in desperate need of some new linen before winter.

Going to check you out on twitter - i'm a tech dwarf but trying to get more into it all. I actually signed up a pinterest account the other day too. didnt hurt much, but man it can swallow up some time once you're hooked!!!

bring on the last treatment - hope it flys by soon! xxx

Faux Fuchsia said...

Hi There

I find the "closeness" and accessibility of celebrities ("slebs") on Twitter Fascinating.

I always forget to tweet. Must remember.

Nice work with the Bed.

Sarah B said...

I'm very glad all is well with you. I love how you've papered those shelves, they look fantastic!

Slim Paley said...

Welcome back!! So happy to hear you are feeling great!
beach house is looking very loved :)

Jane said...

Welcome back, Lovely! I have missed you and am so relieved to hear your bloggy break has been for happy reasons.

You've done a fabulous job with those shelves - bravo! I'd love to know which UK shops you obtained the samples from. I've been getting some from Paper Room in NZ for $5 a pop but free sounds even better! J x

Jane said...

Jane - try and Tangletree - they limit sample numbers but first two or three are free. I am happy to pay but I never seem to need a whole roll!

Natasha in Oz said...

So lovely to read this post and hear that you are doing well-I think of you often! I am so thrilled that you are enjoying the decorating! Your son's room looks gorgeous!

Best wishes and have a great week,

Susanne said...

Hello Jane! It has been awhile since I have visited your blog. I am so glad you are doing well. My husband just under went his bone marrow transplant in February. The hair on his head fell out but that was it. I was surprised, as was he, that his eyebrows, lashes, arms and legs remained intact. The facial hair was kinda sparse. He is now in what appears to be a complete remission, but will have to take the Revlimid (oral chemo drug) daily for the rest of his life. He was in Cleveland Clinic for about 19 days. They are wonderful there. It will be a steady recovery and we were told he will feel better day by day and it will be at least 6 months till he feels better yet, and a year till he feels great. I have posted a bit on my blog, it was hard not to since it enveloped our lives 24/7. Love your posts and the inspiration you give to others. There is nothing worse than feeling alone in the fight of your is good to know others are out there who understand and can help lift you up because they are walking in your shoes.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

JMW said...

LOVE what you did with the nautical wallpaper! What a great way to decorate a boy's room. May have to borrow that one at some point. I joined Twitter recently, too, although I don't Tweet. Thinking of you as you finish out this last round of treatments. All the best to you and your family.

annie said...

Hello Jane. My lovely friend MMMC just sent me over. She thought you might have some sage words to offer me. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer on Wednesday. My youngest is three and my eldest thirteen. They all had there birthdays in the fortnight since this started. I'll go back through your blog when I get some time next week and get to know you and your experience. It's all very strange and new right now but any advice would be most welcome!

Christine said...

Great work Jane and fantastic that 26th is your last treatment - will be thinking of you!!

Christine x

Lesley said...

Hi Jane,

I like others was wondering if you were well and I am pleased to hear that you are. x Lesley

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