Friday, April 13, 2012

Down the Path

Down the (newly granulated) windy path, and past the forest of iron bark gums*:

Up through the bend, under the shade of wattle trees: 

Across the railway sleepers and down the little steps:

Lies a green circle of grass, for playing soccer, running under the sprinkler and lying in the sun.

(tanbark will soon be overrun with lots of Australian native grasses)

And on the other side, a dark little shed, just ripe for conversion into a little study.  Or studio.

A place to work, if we have to.  Or write, if I want to.

George Bernard Shaw's writing room.

This is where GBS wrote many works including Pygmalion. So many writers need solitude and separation from the real world.  This writing hut is so clever, because it pivots on a kind of Lazy Susan to make the most of the sunshine and also to change his aspect.  It has a little sloping roof to deal with snow.   He called it 'London' so his staff would be telling the truth to visitors when they were told 'He has gone to London'. 

Virginia Woolf's writing shed (converted from a toolshed) at Monk's House in East Sussex

English firm Scott's of Threapston makes a writing shed based on both Virginia Woolf's and Shaw's.  This is the interior of the Woolf style (from Remodelista).  I love the forest green austerity. 

Something more dramatic (and unrealistic) via Remodelista

This is actually a little home.  via

Of course I would have to shingle the roof.  Or would I? (via a million boards on Pinterest)

This was made using recycled wood and cost $35.  Via Canadian House and Home

What do you think?  I am guessing the shed needs to be lined, and floored, and electrified (you can tell I am no carpenter).  Has anyone ever done this?   Any tips? 

* We have just had the garden redone at the beach.  It was not a dramatic change, we kept all the trees but did some little paths and a fire pit sitting area, and the grassy bit.   But it makes such a difference. 


Elsa May said...

Oh I want a shed on a 'lazy susan' so I can follow the sun...seriously fantastic idea!
Your beach garden looks lovely - how wonderful to have all that space.

Maxabella said...

Oh for a little shed to potter in. I'm sussing out space at my place, but I so wish I could manage the 'journey' to get there along the winding path! x

Aussie New Yorker said...

The whole place looks divine Janey. Can't wait to see it for real. And who said only men need a shed!

Aussie New Yorker said...

The whole place looks divine Janey. Can't wait to see it for real. And who said only a man needs a shed!

Jane said...

Oh Jane, GBS's Lazy Susan setup is superb! What a fabulous idea - it's completely new to me. Thanks for the elucidation. J x

Anonymous said...

Oh! Quelle delicious: a Writing Shed.

Yes to shingle, carriage lamp and shabby chic day bed with oddles of pillows and a card table in dark Oxford green for a wooden tray and Rumer Godden style tea cups and saucers (Indian tea, sprigs of cabbage roses on the palest china)


A place to write (and read) many Novels.

_TG xxx

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i love a good shed. you should check of hte shed's that these two have:

you'll need to forage through and find artemis'shed as well, they're both gorgeous!

garden is looking ace!


Makeminemidcentury said...

I think Roald Dahl had a shed too.

I do like your beachside garden. It looks quite 'Australian Native' which I think a lot of gardens lack now.

I'd love a garden filled with banksias and grevilleas and eucalypts etc. And a shed.

Jodi said...

Those sheds are absolutely divine and oh so romantic. Yes, I would like one please! As for your blog - it's gorgeous x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

What a beautiful adventure you took us on & talk about glam sheds these days, wow. I'm going to have a cottage studio when i build our homestead, i can't wait, where to put it, will it have a fireplace, glorious, somewhere to grow up sewing in, love Posie

annie said...

Don't we all dream of a secret place to get away. My husband swears he will convert the cubby into his 'yurt' one day. I just want somewhere to make art and leave it out.
Your garden is quite lovely. You may have to heat your shed I winter which means lining it well. I wond if GBS heated his shed or wore finless gloves when he had snow on he roof of London?

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