Saturday, April 7, 2012

Turquoise Eggs

Amazing as it may seem I have managed to reach the ripe old age of Over 40 without ever making any colored Easter eggs. That deficiency has now been rectified. I made these yesterday.

I used gel food colouring which is more expensive that the liquid but I am told it lasts a long time - I bought a set of 8 colours for the rainbow layer cake I made last weekend for my son's birthday. I managed to take no photos of its multi coloured amazingness but the colour was certainly intense I can assure you.

For these eggs I used the teal colour and also violet.  I soaked the gently hard boiled eggs for at least an hour, in water with a bit of vinegar.  (I have learned through experimentation that the way to hard boil eggs is to cover with cold water, bring to a boil then turn heat off and leave for 14 or so minutes -this seems to stop the shells cracking).

As is sometimes the way with these kinds of exercises I appreciated the result more than my family who said variously:

'Isn't that a waste of eggs?' (husband)

'I don't eat hard boiled eggs.' (daughter)

'Yum when can I eat them are they chocolate?' (son)

But I still love them.

We are down at the beach for Easter. Yesterday was boiling hot and we swam in the surf. Then there were windy storms, and today it is cold.  We will have the fire lit before Easter is over.

Happy Easter.  



Felicity said...

The colours are glorious and thank you for the tips about using the gel dye.

Enjoy all that this time affords you, the beach sounds fabulous especially having the mix of seasons.

Happy day!

Slim Paley said...

Those blue eggs are so beautiful!! Martha eat your heart out

Littlemissairgap said...

So many children aren't able to experience this fun Easter time activity due to all the various allergies around now. I love this activity & can remember doing it with raw eggs & blowing the suckers out! Now that's effort!!! Happy Easter :-)

Mise said...

Oh Jane, you've joined that élite little group of people who've made the rainbow cake, a society of high achievers. I'm not yet a member, alas. Your eggs are beautiful.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

love them too darl, and what a lovely colour!

hope you have a great easter break xxx

Jane said...

Oh Jane, they look divine! Something for next year, methinks. J x

JMW said...

Those eggs are gorgeous! Love those colors. We'll be making egg salad with our left-over eggs. :)

Anonymous said...

Just such beautiful colours! I just discovered your blog via The Wellness Warrior and I love it.Great work!

annie said...

I missed the Easter prep this year as I didn't get out of the ward till Sunday morning. The big bunny had done his work well via the delivery but we didn't dye eggs or hang our old tissue mache ones from a branch in a vase as we normally do. Next year you could try striping them. Start with your light base color eg yellow on one end in a half filled narrow cup so they stand up then flip them and soak the other end in red or turquoise or pink. Make sure they overlap for a third blended color. I took mine to a family do last year and they looked beautiful in a big basket. The men got stuck into them with salt!

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