Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evocative Alexander McKenzie Landscapes

Alexander McKenzie is an Australian landscape artist who was born in Sydney in 1971. His work is beautiful and evocative, in a world where excellent modern landscapes are in very short supply. And up close and in real life, I can assure you that they are even better.

According to Axia Modern Art, who has a current exhibition of his work, his paintings are:
as much evocations of mood, weather and the subconscious as they are depictions of actual place. His unique and powerfully innovative visions of lakesides, gardens and sunsets are hauntingly powerful scenes that continue their subtle break away from the more literal representation of landscape, towards a presentation of the imagined. McKenzie is concerned with the emotional power of beauty and uses landscape as his vehicle for expression.

To me, his work is slightly surreal, and conveys what it might feel like to be transported to a 1790s countryside but retain one's 2009 sensibility - slightly dreamlike but with a feeling that there is something out there in that beautiful landscape which might be a bit sinister.

This painting is called Sun Striking Sandbank.

You can see his exhibition online here or at Axia in High Street, Armadale.

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