Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Inspiration - Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Over the weekend I found a story on Jasper Conran's amazing renovation of a Tudor home on the Thames. The lights in his stairwell and hallway were incredible. They are wrought iron 'oak tree' chandeliers made by Charles Saunders Antiques in London. Here they are.


We tried to achieve this look at our wedding by tying ivy around a huge wrought iron hired hanging thing in the marquee.

Anthropologie has some beautiful whimsical chandeliers.

And here are some wrought iron chandeliers in action.

I love the idea of a non-utilitarian light in the bathroom.

Look at the beautiful different grey and cream textures in this room and the combination of guava and pale blue in the room below. Note how the chandelier is set at the correct (lower) height.

This wrought iron sconce against a lilac background creates a whole new point of interest in what would be just an empty corner.

This light looks assymetrical and handmade and works beautifully with the carved wooden dining table and Bhuddist monk orange curtains.


One note of caution - some furniture you can get away with knock offs, replicas and inexpensive versions. But - cheap chandeliers really do look cheap. We had one in our house when we moved in. It was a super shiny brassy colour with light bulbs showing and it hung crookedly. In hindsight maybe I could have painted it. We loathed it so much we didn't use the room for years! It's true.

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