Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nurseries for Baby Ruby

My dear friend Kate who lives in Hong Kong has just had her first baby. Little Ruby is very lucky girl as she has a divine mother and father who will love her dearly.

Nursery decoration is great fun. I feel that in the first few months the look and feel of the nursery is perhaps more for the mother than the baby, as tiny babies cannot see that well but they can of course smell and hear very clearly. Leaving aside the decor aspects, there are three practical essentials in a nursery I have learned through much experience, experimentation and research. The first is a CD player, with some CDs of lullabies (at the moment we play my 2 year old son a CD of Mozart piano concertos - not for intellectual 'baby Mozart' reasons but because he loves the sound of piano tinkling) and the second is heavy curtains with no light gaps or cracks entering which is apparently a leading cause of early morning waking. Third, I am also a fan of egg shaped and circular cots, I think they give the baby a real feeling of being protected and cocooned.

Although I happen to know Ruby's nursery is a stylish black and white, here are some eclectic and multi-coloured nursery ideas for Ruby.

Here's to little Ruby. May you lead a blissful life full of adventures and love.

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