Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Origami Life

I have a good friend who lives in Sydney. We have been friends since we were 3. She gave me my first cat (Snuggles). She has great taste and is a very talented interior decorator.

When she saw this blog she said (relevantly) 'Where's the origami'?

That might seem a strange question, but I have been an origamist since I was about 7. This happened thanks to my little brother's school, which taught them origami and sent them to Japan and showed how to make sushi. For 1977, that was pretty far sighted.

So my brother and I made 1000 cranes. The legend is that if you make 1000 your very wish will be granted. I think the truth is that by the time you have made 1000 cranes you will either have RSI or be so calm from the repetitive action that you do not need a wish.

Here are a smattering of my 1000. (Probably a bit less now given I made them so many years ago). They usually live in a glass vase in my daughter's room.

Here is another picture.

I think you get the idea.

It is pretty simple to make a crane. Origami is good for fine motor skills and gives one a real sense of achievement. The best on line instructions I have seen are here. Go on, give it a try. Once you master the crane, you can eventually move on to wonderful creatures like this:

And to demonstrate the ageless nature of origami, here is a lovely Japanese paper style bedroom, which I wouldn't mind having at home, although it doesn't look like it would be very dark at night (a big problem with loft living generally).

Finally, this was my daughter's arrangement (and her own photo).

(Image (5) Marie Claire Maison)


Monika said...

What a lovely story! And an amazing job! I would never have the patience to accomplish something like that!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

A charming post, leave it to our lifetime friends to keep us grounded or soaring whichever your origami life prefers at the moment.GT

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Isn't it amazing what can be made with paper ? Your daughters creation is lovely...beautiful colours....yours too. You must have an awful lot of patience. Was your wish granted ? XXXX

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Fabulous Jane
Love origami.. and haven't tried it in years. Your daughters contribution is very sweet. we are so much more creative when we are young aren't we?

PS... hope your accident in thailand was not serious. It is amazing how considerate these ppl are.. pppl were coming up and thanking me .. just for being there. Have a great week. x Julie

JMW said...

How wonderful! Love that origami collection you created.

Mise said...

I'm lost in admiration of your 1000 cranes!

And here's a link I was amused by - be warned: it's a bit irreverent, but it might entertain you:

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