Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snail coming down

Snail coming Down 2008

Do you ever feel like this? I do. Although naturally I don't leave a silver trail behind me. And I don't have to feel where I am going with my antennae.

Big Bull Wauchope 2009

One of my favourite Australian artists, Noel McKenna, is having an exhibition at Niagara Galleries in Richmond called News of the Summer Reaches Shore, which is apt for September in Melbourne.

Here are two of the paintings from the exhibition:

House Southland 2009

Religious Landscape 2009

He often paints houses sitting by themselves in a sparse landscape, standing proud against the environment but still somehow dwarfed by it.

The last one reminds me of a Minnesotan landscape from a Garrison Keilor book. Bleak but homely. In 1989 I went through a pretty major Garrison Keilor stage. I read all of his books, in some cases more than once. Isn't it funny how you can have those little book obsessions and then just walk away from them?

(Images: Niagara Gallery)


Mise said...

I did that too. I loved his essays and short pieces, but I lost patience with his novels, which were just a bit too deliberately homey. I saw him on stage once and he was such a captivating raconteur.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'm afraid that I've never heard of him, coming from the U.K. but I really do like them...they have a naive quality to them...really enjoyed seeing them, Jane. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful...
Go and google Maggie Taylor. I think you might like her work as well. I think...

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