Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spring Things at the Prahran Market

Sometimes when the sun is shining, the air is crisp and there is just a gentle perfumed breeze through my hair, the little things take on more importance.

And when I am busy, it is those tiny things which I really really appreciate. The very (sadly) rare opportunity to go for a run around the Tan, or to sit still for more than about one minute with a latte and a newspaper. And I put in that category a leisurely stroll (as opposed to a military style operation complete with pincer movements, knapsack of provisions and a stern 'don't mess with me' expression) around my local market in Prahran.

I took some photos of some of beautiful spring food there when I visited yesterday.

I hope you don't mind but I have not included photos of the bits of the market I am not so keen on (pigeons sitting in the roof trusses, wandering troubadour singing out of tune songs, the Bob the Builder tractor ride which my son wants to sit on incessantly, the ATMs which charge $2 for withdrawals and the loudspeaker announcements for lost children).

I probably haven't mentioned before now that I am an Apple Addict. I would say I have eaten an apple a day since I was nine years old.

No 1 favourite apple is the Pink Lady:

No 2 is the Sundowner, these come from the hills outside Melbourne:

And No 3 (fallen from no 1 in recent years) is the Granny Smith:

The other items which caught my eye were:

Fresh green peppercorns:

Local asparagus at a bargain price:

My favourite way to eat these is to boil until par cooked and then put in shallow dish sprinkled with butter and grated parmagiano and bake in hot oven for 10 minutes:

And broad beans (fava beans in the US) - I usually peel, boil, peel again then mash with a fork with lots of olive oil, parmagiano and salt and eat on bruschetta:

And finally, look at the wonderful purple with cream slashes of these kohlrabi. I have never cooked them - I wonder what they are like?

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely day it is here in Melbourne today Ann.
I do think Pink Lady are the best of all the apples. LOL

Laura said...

Oh how beautiful! I'm starting to see apples in our markets and must say I'm really looking forward to my favorite honey golds. But pink ladies sound extremely romantic...I may have to make a switch! As for the kohlrabi, I have to admit that it is a bit more trouble than it's worth, as only half of the bulb is really tender enough to eat. But that half sauteed in a bit of butter is pretty tasty.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

You make me want to eat the apples right off the page. Well Pink Lady is my favourite also. Did you know it is the safest for those with allergies [a bit of boring info there]. Looks great and a fabulous post to celebrate spring!! Julie

Kristine said...

I happened to be at the Prahran market yesterday afternoon too. The other thing I noticed was Ms Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise doing a spot of vegetable perusing.

That might be something you put in the category of things you don't like about the market. I thought it was pretty cool that she was just wandering around like everyone else, with no-one bothering her.

Jane said...

Julie - I am concerned I haven't cleaned my apples that well over the course of my life. I am glad PLs are good for you but I hope I don't have toxic apple poisoning!
Kristine - cannot believe that! One thing I will say about Melbourne - the paparazzo are almost non-existent except at the Brownlows!

Millie said...

I must be the only person in the world Jane, but I'm ashamed to say I don't like apples - yes, it's weird I know, but go figure! However I adore asparagus & we had a couple of bunches for dinner tonight, lightly steamed with a drizzle of Hollandaise. I do love a wander around the Central Market here in Adelaide, it's one of lifes great pleasures.
Millie ^_^

parisa mahmoudi said...

I really love green Apple,nice shot!!! :)
So happy to see your lovely blog!!!
Have a nice time

Anonymous said...

Oh, those peppercorns! We don't see those around here so they seem so exotic to me. Do you ever cook with them? I've only had kohlrabi raw and they tasted a little like apples.

Lee said...

Oh I love the Prahran market - whenever I buy my fresh food from there I want to go home and just cook up a feast! I think you've captured the market perfectly in your post. Lee :)

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