Thursday, October 1, 2009

Melbourne in a Bento Box

I have found a delicious little website which wraps up in one exquisite package all the wonderful bits and pieces which make up Melbourne.

The idea is that you can create a bento box of your favourite parts of Melbourne. Each image has a number which corresponds to your description of the thing or activity. Each bento box gets a Melbourne Combo number and is loaded on their website for sharing, voting and viewing.

Here are some examples:

1. Love sipping on: St Ali Coffee at Outpost

2. Love accessorising with: Lulu Splendor

3. Love a few drinks at: Little Creatures

4. Love sales at: Cactus Jam Clearance Store

1. Love eating out at: Gills Diner

2. Love hanging out at: Books for Cooks

3. Love accessorising with: Morgan and Jane

4. Love looking good in: Material By product

And here is one someone has created for their favourite blogs:

1. Love reading: The Design Files

2. Love reading: I do believe I came with a Hat

3. Love reading: Daydream Lily

4. Love reading: RUSSH blog

Isn't this a wonderful way to encapsulate the spirit of a city? You can subscribe for free and it is not a sponsored site - you cannot pay to get your business included. It is run by a very clever brother and sister team.

Now I wonder what 4 things I would choose....


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Everything to love! I am certainly going to check out this fun sight. Wonder what 4 I'll pick too :D
Thanks Jane ~

Anonymous said...

Don't choose, take all!! ;-)

koralee said...

Lovely blog you have...I adore this idea...I once visited your lovely city wish I had your list! I will keep it for next time! xoxoxo

Lee said...

Wow, love this idea - I'll create one for my blog if you do Jane :)

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