Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dream House - Bluestone Estate in the Western District

Our recent holiday necessitated a lovely drive west of Melbourne for many hours until we got to the South Australian border. This means you drive through rich green dairy and cattle country, low rise blue stone fences (built by convicts), little towns with names like Hexham and Moriac, and occasionally, down a long drive way, you can catch a glimpe of a house like this:

This house. Leslie Manor, near Colac, was built in 1845 by Scotsman John Hastie. It has been renovated and comes complete with 18 foot ceilings, herb garden, friendly hens and lots of eggs, separate 4 bedroom manager's cottage, harness room and 183 hectares of verdant arable land:

Divine little bluestone shed for the lawnmower:

Access to two lakes:

And this green view when you are washing up, or preparing hearty country meals or just staring and daydreaming (or in my case given my slight country-0-phobia, mixing the first martini of the day at 10 am):

All this, just 2 hours from Melbourne, and yours for (price undisclosed) but I would be guessing about $6 million. But that is just a stab in the dark. If you are in the market check out their website. The auction is this Sunday!

One thing you can be certain about - there are no bright white or dark black floorboards in this house. No chandeliers in the kitchen. No quirky mix of mid century furniture and ultra modern Italian fittings. No walk in wardrobes. No mosaic tiles. Just country goodness.

I haven't shown the interior shots because although it has been renovated, in my view it would need some more work, but probably just superficial (soft not hard!).

I have previously written about my fear of being trapped forever in the countryside. But I could make an exception for this house.

(Images: Leslie Manor Homestead)


brismod said...

You are right - there is a lot to be said about country goodness. Lovely home.

treechangecallignee said...

Distinctly Australian yet reminiscent of perhaps Ireland or Northern UK?

TheThingsIdTellYou said...

Breathtaking perfection!!!!

Mise said...

What a wonderful place for entertaining in, perfect for country house parties. It's the trees that create the grandeur of such houses for me. Why the wariness of living in the country? I ask as a 10 am Martini-mixer ... well, no, but as a country-dweller for these past few years.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

We could have a whip-around for you if this would help with the bidding Jane?

Monika said...

What a lovely house! I think I could live there forever! Thanks for sharing!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I can see just why you love this property, Jane.... love the front elevations, and would love the little 'shed' in the gounds. Please let us know how much it goes for Jane. I'd be really interested ..... not that I could afford it, would just like to know how much it goes for.. XXXX

Jane said...

Mise - I do like the country but I also like being close to things! Jacqui - I will let you know what it goes for if the agent releases the price (they often don't which is very annoying!)

Jane said...

So - my pricing estimates are WAY OUT. This property was passed in for $2.2 millions. Bargain!!!

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