Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you need one of these rooms?

My list of rooms which I think I can probably live without:
  • Mud room (see above).
  • Gift wrapping room
  • Second gift wrapping room for gift overflow
  • Flower arranging room
  • Craft room
  • Wine Room (actually we have one of those)
  • Box room
  • Linen Room
Well that's what I thought. But I have realised today that we did something wrong when we renovated our house pre children.

We did not leave enough room for linen and laundry storage. I mean who does? The laundry is always the one shoved into the corner left over space. And as most architects are men, it is the last thing on their minds (there I said it, sorry but it was true for our architects).

So some days even with only two children, I do feel a little bit like this.

Unsurprisingly Martha Stewart has a lovely linen room and this is what I would like if I had a spare room, which I don't:

If not a dedicated linen room, then a very large laundry with linen space would be wonderful:

Or if not a room maybe just a cupboard (or linen press), which is my current situation:

Or maybe just a little set of shelves:

I must say I need to have a really good reorganise. Tomorrow.

What do you think? How do you store your linens and towels? Where do you fold your laundry? Or is it not worth even thinking about?

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Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I am having storage envy!

brismod said...

Don't feel inadequate - I use the Parker coffee table in the lounge room for folding. If someone drops by unexpectedly it is swept quickly into the bedroom with the door promptly shut.
And thanks for stopping by on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

This post made me smile ;-) (oh, I have too much laundry and no space -as well).

Monika said...

I love this post! Our laundry (both dirty and washed) seems to appear in almost every room of the house... yes I would definitely need a laundry room...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

'cos I love old houses, Jane, there is never an area for a laundry room. They didn't have bathrooms, let alone laundry rooms, so old houses usually have to have an extension to accomodate these rooms !!!!
I think that laundry is the last thing on my mind !!!! XXXX

Mise said...

My solution is to have a utility/mud room for the washing, drying, boots and coats etc., but I have nowhere to do the ironing so am a vagrant ironer. And my bedlinen and towels are in a big housekeeper's cupboard which also predicts the weather (by the extent to which the doors warp).

But do you know what I've learned from blogging? To roll my bath towels, just like that last photo of yours, instead of folding them. I feel deliciously contemporary whenever I do that. (That last photo MUST be staged, right? Surely no one is quite that orderly).

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Love all the answers
Well strangely even thought there is only me.. i love my linen and very fussy about how it is washed etc.. so would love a large cupboard to store my linens.. a vintage armoire would be just right!! hehe and the laundry.. again only me.. but would love to have space to dry things inside without tripping over buckets etc.

About the ironing.. i gave that up after the first time i back packed through europe!!

PS good luck with the giveaway... i too had never won anything until I finally won.. a frozen chook!! haha great win! x Julie

Unknown said...

Hi Jane

Great to find your blog - thank you so much for visiting mine and for your comment - I just spotted your comments over at Millie's blog too!

I did love "Atonement" and haven't read the book but I know a lot of people who had read it, didn't like the film as much. The book is in my large pile of books-I-must-read!!

I liked what you said about Millie's gorgeous men - Clive Owen lives just around the corner from me so when he is not away filming, he is seen around a lot....much to our delight!! I am pretty sure a lot of the male film stars do have Botox but whatever, I can confirm that Clive looks even better in real life than he does in movies, he is a very handsome man :)

Finally.....sorry, for the long post.....I did a post on laundry some months back....I don't have a laundry room, most older British homes don't...but I would love one!


Have a great day!


Off to explore your blog some more now :)

Jane said...

I feel better today! Who cares if I don't have a linen room. At least I have my health. And anyway isn't it better to do ironing in front of the TV rather than stuck in a white shiny room?

Elaine Prunty said...

Hi Jane , just in relation to your comment re wheelchair symbol....;0) that actually prompted me to click on the symbol for the first time,
i hadn't thought of that?? and i heard a voice with a background soundtrack of what sounds like some one praying in a language i'm not familar with.....give me a list of numbers??
so that begs 3 question....why? what? and Help?
now having completed your work verification which is probably the hardest i've ever had to read.
( there really was some tricky ones in there that i wasn't quite sure i'd gotten right...was that an r or a t ....anyway i digress ...i've also been told it has to be more than 300 characters and that is way i share this with you....i'm not sure what space 300 characters amounts to but i'll see if this fits the bill and then write arangie or is that al'angie ....so obviously it needs to be a bit longer than that. so seeing as i'm asking the questions and i've gotten this far and there's no turning back ....why do you/this insist on 300 characters...and by character does that mean letters....or actual people that i know that could be discribed as characters ....well one character i can think of is aidan walsh , an irish musician . now he really is a character
i will tell you more about him if you like, but first ,,,i have to try something......
ok now i can't really think of anything else to say and i ahve to go somewhere really important so i'm going to quote you this ...oh i see i was on the email thing of your blog but luckily i copy and pasted this just to show your the heroic effort i've made to find out more about that wheelchair symbol on the word verification box . night night !

Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Ahh my laundry room consists of my garage...and the tiny sloped room under my stairs!!
Not ideal...however if I had an extra room...I think it would be a craft room for sure.

Fee x

Ps. Only just found you blog, but already I'm liking it alot.

Millie said...

Laundry Life has come the full circle for me Jane. After having a huge laundry for all our tribe, in this house we've decided to go small. When the kitchen renos. start soon, MOTH's rejigging the whole area - the laundry is becoming a Butler's Pantry & the laundry is going behind bifold doors in the rear lobby. But you are right, you need lots of laundry space with young kids.
Millie ^_^

Unknown said...

How I wish I had a bigger laundry room - and I could never live without the small space I have. I do have plans for it in the new year. I never fold anything - I take it right from the dryer and hang it. I shot a house a few years ago that had an elevator to take the laundry to the various floors - that was impressive.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

When we first moved into this house, with its laundry, I immediately put it on the 'wasted space' list. I'd come from a house that had a gigantic laundry behind doors - the place for everything & everything in its place school of thinking. However, now that we're in the renovation planning phase I'm doing everything i can to make sure I get to keep that laundry space. Although like Mise, when I do iron (as little as possible) it's in front of the TV!

the real mia said...

I've always loved the idea of a mud room, even though where I live it doesn't snow and hardly rains.

Anonymous said...

The gift wrapping room always cracks me up. Really? Who wraps so many gifts that they need an entire room? And a SECOND wrapping room? Now, a mud room - that I could use! I would love somewhere to ditch the dog leashes and boots after our walks. Plus they always look so cute in all the photos I've ever seen.

Pinecone Camp said...

Yes, I need one of those rooms!

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