Monday, August 10, 2009

Black Saturday 6 months on - a poem

The terrible Black Saturday fires were six months ago, on 7 February 2009. 173 people died and everyone was touched and affected in some way.

There are some wonderful photos of the area around Marysville and Kinglake regenerating:

Thanks Greenstone Girl, whoever you are.

Out of all disasters come stories of bravery, selflessness, generosity, simple small acts of kindness and most interestingly, creativity.

Here is a beautiful poem by Mike Claridge I found on a Hot Rod website. I hope he doesn't mind me reprinting it. It says it all:

Where horses grazed and cattle drank
Where grasses lined the river bank
Where stood a house and water tank
Now black is all I see

There was a town with store and hall
Which proudly stood ‘neath ridges tall
Now nothing moves or lives at all
And black is all I see

There stood a home and there another
Where lived a daughter, father , mother
A sister, cousin, niece or brother
Now black is all I see

Our nation grieves and holds them tight
Throughout the darkness of the night
Till daybreak brings an ashy light
And black is all I see

“Poor fella, my country”

Mike Claridge, Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:14 pm

People have a tendency to short memories. Whilst I don't think that is happening in Victoria, it is important to remember that these communities need our support for years, not months or weeks.

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Millie said...

A truly wonderful post Jane & a very timely reminder to us all. Lovely to see your stunning camellias looking a treat on your side bar.
Millie ^_^

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