Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Experimental Rainbow Day

I think I have been pretty restrained in my complaints about the dark winter days. But boy am I getting tired of it. The gloominess in combination with the minimalism which surrounds most of my life is all a bit much and must have an impact on one's mood. I read a story in a magazine (maybe Marie Claire) about some ladies who can only be described as unusual, whose wardrobes consist of just one colour ie all red, all green. That must get just as boring as lots of neutrals.

With that in mind, I thought I would recast my life in different colours just for today.

First things first. I would leap up in the morning from this beautiful pink bed. If there is one certain thing in life it is that I will never have a pink bedroom. But how could you not be perky waking up in this.

Breakfast would comprise happy little melon balls:

Then I would cast aside my Melbourne black to throw on a little Matthew Williamson number:

Discard my Kate Spade black leather bag and grab my Marrimekko purse to stride out and face the world.

Lunch would be a multicoloured salad on these Dinosaur Designs plates:

My hands would be kept hygienically clean by this towel:

A brown Indian curry or tarragon chicken dinner would be passed over for yet more fruit on colourful plates (getting healthy on the inside as well):

And then I would sink back into that amazing bed.

Rainbow day complete. I feel better already.

(Images (1) Homes and Gardens (2) A La Table Del (3) (4) & (6) Finnish Design Shop (5) and (7) Dinosaur Designs)


Kalee said...

Great post! I love the concept- change the colors and change your day! That would be a cute series!

Mise said...

I love this approach to an imaginary uplifting day. In fact, I feel a bit perked up myself here in rainy Ireland (where it's supposed to be summer). Great photo series.

Anonymous said...

Rainbow day! I love it! These colors can't but help cheer you up. Especially, in the form of a Matthew Williamson dress. :)

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