Thursday, August 6, 2009

My special Winter drink for cold and flu

Winter flu is here. or in the case of Melbourne, swine flu is with us. When you are in an office environment and people around you start dropping like flies it is easy to get paranoid. And there is only so much hand washing one can do without getting strange looks.

When I had my last baby I got really sick with a cold-throat infection thing which I just couldn't kick. I was told by my doctor I couldn't take any antibiotics or painkillers and I would have to girlfully struggle through it. That is not so easy when you are waking every two hours to feed a divine little baby with a big appetite.

I have been feeling a little blerch this week. It to do with lack of a holiday and the endless winter, which I think has been cold this year.

This is the drink I make when I have a wintery bug. This is what I drank when I got the aforementioned illness which the doctors refused to treat.

It is not really my creation of course, I think it originates from South America, but I can't recall where I found the recipe.


Water from the tap
One large clove of garlic finely chopped
A two centimetre piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated.
Tablespoon of honey
Juice from one lemon
One long red chilli, sliced (or if you want, a birds eye chilli sliced - it depends on how much heat you can take).


Place all ingredients in a large cup or mug. Boil water in a kettle but stop the boiling before it boils (does that make sense?). Pour into cup and let infuse. Hold your nose and drink quickly. Pass out in bed.

Alternative if desparate. This is a more Western style remedy. Put juice of lemon, honey, a cinnamon stick and a big carefree splash of whiskey into a mug. Follow incomprehensible water instructions above. Drink and pass out.

Both of these are good also if you are not necessarily sick with flu but need a bit of a flush out.

(Image from Donna Hay)


Lee said...

Hi Jane, great cold/flu remedy, but it really sounds as though you need another stint at Puri Ganesha in Bali. We usually take an o/s holiday in August each year, but this year because of my foot operation we've put it off until October & it feels like torture! Have a great day. Lee :)

Laura said...

Ah, I have used that whiskey method more than once! My sister makes hot toddies that are to die for, and luckily last time I was sick (December, winter here in New York!) she was visiting and made me loads of them. Hope the blerch passes soon!

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