Thursday, August 13, 2009

Owls, parrots and sandwiches - my favourite artworks this month

August is a good month for staying indoors and gazing for hours on end at paintings. There have been a lot of interesting exhibitions and shows in Melbourne this month ranging from the Salvador Dali exhibition at the NGV to a selection of 1940's Albert Tucker photographs at Heide. Here are some works by two wonderful artists with exhibitions on at the moment.

Rachael Lester has an exhibition 'Winter Smoke' on at Australian Galleries until 16 August 2009. Here are examples of her 2008 oil on board earlier work held by this gallery (some have sadly already sold).

I love the softness of her work, and the expression she gets into such relatively inanimate and expressionless objects as an owl (look at his beautiful bottomless eyes) a pigeon and a sandwich. Here is a little hint of her work in the current exhibition.

Kerry Lester also has an exhibition at Australian Galleries, called 'Out and About'. Here are two paintings held by the gallery.

This is a very Australian image. Why do parrots always have to gather so noisily together? Why can't they take a tree each? They must be very sociable. And here is another one, of black cockatoos.

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Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I think the pigeon looks a bit sinister! But I love the sandwhich.

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