Friday, October 30, 2009

Tracing the Wall Flower

Are you the kind of person who always picks out the most expensive fabric, pair of jeans, earrings, wine, shoes, chair, rug or painting even before you know the price?

I am that person. This could be characterised as either innate good taste, or subconscious extravagance.

I have been having a wallpaper hunt this week, as I have decided to wallpaper the Evil Alcove in the Problem Room. I have decided against birch trees, that would be a little too creepy. And I have fallen deeply and madly in love with these designs, by Fromental.

I love that in this room the wallpaper is not a focus wall to stare at but there to make the descent into the kitchen a flowery skip. And what about those lights? If they are copper as I believe they are, wouldn't they be the best fun (for someone else) to clean? Tom Dixon also makes these:

I need to mention that these designs are hand painted and in some cases actually embroidered. Lilac and gold and sage green:

This is the most perfect little reading spot.

And, they do custom furniture with panels of their fabric.

Wallpaper has a long history, and flowery wallpaper like the Fromental design can, I think, be traced way back to China, where in 1702 they were painting poppies and cornflowers like these:

And of course the Japanese have for centuries mastered the art of the delicate flower and fluttery butterfly vista.

And we can see it here, albeit heavier and more Victorian in this William Morris 'Trellis' design in 1864.

And now, we can have golden De Gournay walls.

Or customise our own wallpaper (I think the crown and butterfly are the additions)

So, today, ignorance is bliss. I have no plan to investigate the cost of this amazing Fromental wallpaper. Knowing me, it will be no bargain but the incredible quality screams out loudly to me.

What do you think?

(Images (1)(3)(4) (5) Fromental (2) Tom Dixon (6) (7) All Posters (9) Flickr (Geishaboy 500) (10) Seattle Home Mag)


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

firstly I too seem to always like the most expensive thing in the room, secondly I am also on a wallpaper mission... PLEASE email me with the details of the tree scene in the post below the fourth one down... I am loving the birch ( like the first one you show on next post but it is so expensive it is crazy... i have been looking at wall decals too I cannot decide if I want the Birch because I really love it or its just becuase it is in every home wares magazine and i am being told to really love it!!! I do like the selections you ahve found today too- where does it end!!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

Jane, I have a problem with wallpaper, and you're making it worse! Too funny. Here I am trying to work out what to do, with all the rolls I have languishing in my garage, and you post this. These are all stunning. I thought I was a follower of yours, but I wasn't. Now I am! I really love your blog....even though you torture me with wallpaper ideas.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well, Jane, I nearly always choose the most expensive. Sometimes I'm pleasantly suprised but not very often !!!!
I was very into Victorian wallpaper at one time but I've only got one room wallpapered now and a deep Victorian frieze. The ones that you have shown are so pretty and delicate and I think that any one of them would look so good in your 'problem' room. Trouble is nowdays that there are so many designs to choose from. Good luck making the final decision. XXXX

Mise said...

They are beautiful, like crewelwork on a wall. That first picture is my favourite - I love the copper lights and the wallpaper gives an adult opportunity to be a fairy-child. I'd paper a lovely private sanctuary in this so that it was All For Me.

Millie said...

Jane your selections are superb, each one meritorious in it's own right. I'm particularly smitten with the first image & use of the staircase balustrade to break up that whole of wall wallpaper effect - very clever.
Millie ^_^

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I love the Fromental papers. They are beautiful. You won't be disappointed. Would love the Chinese scenics in my own dining room. Good luck. la

Monika said...

Yes, Jane, I am that person, too. This is the burden of people with impeccable taste :-) I adore this kind of wallpaper, but I am a little bit scared of making major projects with something that I might not like 2 month later. But it looks great in every room I see. Please show me the results! Monika


Love the top wallpaper...just need an equally pretty room to put it in now! Just came across your blog from some Irish reccommendations, its great! I will be back :)

Laura said...

I share your problem...I usually find something expensive I love, wait on it, and then if, after a few weeks I still can't stop thinking about it, then I take the plunge. Seems like something like this wallpaper which you'd see every day would be worth it...but then I'm a terrible enabler so perhaps mine is not the most level headed opinion!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Jane
Yes i seem to have a knack for picking the most expensive anything usually [except I am about to buy the cheapest car i can find.. haha got to save for a house somehow]

Love all your choices here.. I don't envy your decision... Also love the Japenese and Victorian inspiration images.

So did you friendly ghost visit you last night???

Take care xx Julie

The Goods Design said...

All stunning - are they crazy expensive? I want to use these for a client!

Anonymous said...

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