Friday, June 11, 2010

All Layered Up

There is a restaurant in St Kilda in Melbourne called Donovans which changes its interior decor with the seasons.  For summer, the chairs and table settings are light pastel linens, and when winter arrives, it replaces these with darker berry tones and lots of warm blankets and throws on the couches and chairs.

It is a great idea.   People think of Australia as hot hot hot but in Melbourne it actually does get cold, and this month we have had a sudden start to the winter.   

To me winter calls for rugs, cashmere socks, open fires and lots of ruby red tones.    I don't feel the cold as much as I used to pre-children, but I still feel the chill.   The older I get the more I can understand the blue rinse set who move north to Queensland for the climate. 

White floorboards, concrete and tiles look wonderful but to me a beautiful Persian rug, with 100s of years of feet moving over it, is too evocative to pass up. 

Next week, I will be posting a week of winter specials - what cookbooks, food, clothes, lip balm, plants and art I need to get through winter.   

Hopefully there will be something there for you too! 

Happy Weekend! 

(Images (1) Airspaces (2) La Maison Boheme (3) Image from the book Cote Vivre via The City Sage (4) Inside Out Annual Decorating Guide) 


karen said...

These rooms look so warm and inviting. I especially like the second one because it looks to be a room one can actually live in, and be surrounded by comfort no matter where one decides to sit. And it looks to have a variety of purposeful spots to land, with real life (plants) added to the mix. Just lovely. It still feels strange for me knowing you are having your winter, and we are approaching the hottest point of our summer soon. I'd rather be there...winter is my favorite.
Have a happy weekend!

Lee said...

Jane, Donovan's is one of my favourite Melbourne restaurants (probably because of the decor!!). Really looking forward to your winter series of posts next week. Have a wonderful long weekend. Lee :)

Ann said...

I am also feeling the need to pull out jumpers and throws and favourite quilts for the couch - our Melbourne weekend reminded me that it is not always so warm there... I look forward to next week's posts. Ann x

brismod said...

The blue rinse set will be feeling the chill today in Qld. It is very cold. I am interested to know your lip balm choice and will tune in to your winter series!

Anonymous said...
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nevin said...

awesome.. I love all..

Millie said...

Somehow I just can't see you swanning around in your retirement in Qld. Jane. Next week's plan @ The House sounds grand - it's absolutely freezing here in the Hills.
Millie ^_^

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Dear Jane, I am one of those freak people who prefer the cold. Winter is my favourite season. I shall look forward to reading your winter tips post. Have a lovely long weekend. Hope you get to relax with a good book. It's always a treat to visit your Blog. xx

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Like you Jane, I love the idea of a winter makeover for home. I really feel the cold, and it has felt positively antarctic here this week. I love a home to look warm and inviting - rugs, candles, a fire, etc etc. Will really look forward to your wintery posts!

Fabulously French said...

Love that first photo! I adore books and dream of the day that I can have a room full of them.

Leeann x

Mise said...

I've just made it through my winter here and am pleased that it's over. But the cashmere socks and fire approach is perfect and got me through it. I only developed season awareness about five years ago but now I guess I'm converging on that blue rinse. Stay warm!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Jane,
Well, it's supposed to be summer here but tonight I could really do with those cashmere socks and an open fire. It has got rather chilly !!
I love the sound of that restaurant. They are very accomodating to change their decor with the seasons.
Stay cosy this weekend. XXXX

Marcie said...

I just love those chairs in the first picture. Your blog is great.


justherdingcats said...

hi what a beautiful blog. We are just deciding on a colour for our front door ( see my blog for paint stripping fiasco!) and i came across your blog on my trawl of front door photos!

i shall add you as a link and come back for a proper read later .............after our trip to the DIY store!

Have you heard of the shop fibre fusion in Melbourne? I have had some wool products from there and they were exquisite - I wondered what the shop looks like?

Best wishes from cloudy (nearly sunny-) England


Poppies and Sunshine said...

A restaurant that changes it's decor for the different seasons? That sounds incredible!

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