Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Winter in Melbourne - Bedrooms for Hibernation

This morning I got up at 5.30 am to do some running skipping jumping boxing and lunging in Fawkner Park.

It was 6 degrees and pitch black.   It takes a reasonable amount of willpower to drag one's body from a toasty warm bed in those circumstances, but I thought, as I usually do,  about early death, my obligation to live a long healthy life for my family, the need for toned thighs, better and clear skin, and how good I feel afterwards and I got through it.

For winter, I think a cave like bedroom is in order.    

Black used to be forbidden in the bedroom but no more.  In fact one could almost be forgiven for thinking that black bedrooms have taken over the world.  It is a pity black requires such a commitment, otherwise I could paint my bedroom black for winter, then white for summer.  

Black can be girly and feminine: 

Or masculine, simple and inexpensive.  These kinds of rooms bring back memories of degenerate university boyfriends.  Didn't they always have black bedrooms?

This is in a Parisian apartment:

In this London house by Neu Architects: 

I love this mid century style bedroom (this is for you Brismod):

And in Jules's home  - how amazing is this bedroom?

It could have gone so horribly wrong but instead it is superb.  Can I spend the winter here?  (Check out her blog by the way, I love it).

Here is another bedroom with pattern on the bed:

This is Jenna Lyons' bedroom featured in Domino and then on blogs globally, which has dark walls and floorboards: 

and here is another which is head to toe black:

Whilst this one uses parquetry to lighten the vampire lair feel.

And this one, a mirror:

Have you noticed that most of these rooms have lots of white highlights - in the linen, or side tables, or windows?    That is because too much black and we would indeed be chanelling Twilight.

Another common feature is to just paint one wall black.  Am not a fan of feature walls but I think it works in a bedroom in the area behind the bed. 

Or this approach in a Swedish hotel, which uses slatted boards on one wall:

And this one, just a circular panel:

But beware: go too far and you may turn into a character from Scarface and end up with a bedroom like this.  If you get to this point, you have taken the look way too seriously.   Or you are a gangster.  If the latter, sorry I offended you. 

(By the way I have had to introduce comment moderation as I was getting so much spam mainly from Taiwan.... How does spam get around the word id thing? I don't get it.)

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brismod said...

You know me so well, Jane. Great images. You're right about being totally committed before going to black though. And Jules' room is superb with her new suzani. xx

Katrina said...

OMG some of those bedrooms are amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

Pinecone Camp said...

I'm with Brismod. I adore mid-century and I LOVE that mc bedroom! Great selection of styles, Jane. Loving the black!

Unknown said...

Ohhh thank you for so many reasons about this post...

We are renovating our master bedroom and here in Toronto, it's cold and dark most of the year I can pull off this chandelier white silk curtains with black walls.

But thank you for reminding me why I need to get up in the morning for my jogs, that it's about more than the excercise, the benefits outweigh the cons! Thanks!

Rebecca said...

uh, hello?? that was an AMAZING post!
love it all. all of it!!

Mise said...

I'm a gangster and I'm offended. Fee Fi Fo Fum.

But really I'm awestruck at your thinking about early death at that hour of the morning and actually following through and getting up. My own willpower is a feeble ant in comparison, which probably also explains why my bedroom has no black at all: resistance to change.

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

boy oh boy = just found your blog, loving it - and you are so local to me, I'm over in the west tho! Loving black in rooms right now, so "in"! keep up the blog mate, catchya!

Laura said...

I am in such awe that you are able to drag yourself out of bed for such torture so early! I always have dreamed of doing it but never quite gotten there I have to admit. Totally agree with you about the black bedrooms, I love it, and that large scale parquet design is so phenomenal!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Jane,
Although I wear black nearly all of the time, I have never introduced it into my house. I think that I have seen so many 'footballer's wives' bedrooms that it put me off !! These examples are stunning. My favourite interiors shop has one wall painted very, very dark grey (does that count ?) and she has covered it in an assortment of picture frames and it looks fantastic. That look has been stored in the interiors part of my brain.
I applaud you for getting up so early to get those toned thighs, Jane. XXXX

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

I am totally in admiration of your early morning exercise regime in the middle of winter. My commitment wavers often on such cold, pitch black mornings. Love the black bedrooms though. Degenerate boyfriends never had such nice duvets!

FTRB said...

I avoid both exercising and getting up early as much as possible so I am beyond impressed. I'm also impressed by this fantastic roundup! I don't have the guts to paint a room black but I do love some of these rooms. The Swedes seem to do it the best.

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