Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's Your Style in One Picture?

I interrupt the Winter Series to bring important news.

Divine Ally, of From the Right Bank, is again running her What's Your Style in One Room challenge.

Very simple.  Post a picture of a room which sums up your style.

Being a lawyer I can't help but overanalyse this.  What is 'my' style? Is it the style of my current abode?   My fantasy style?  My money is no object style?  My child free style?

In the end I went with the kind of room I would happily be locked in for a while.  

Why?  It has lots of natural light, something new, something old, some flowery patterns, an amazing rug and a sense of drama.  I love the contrast between the flowers and the black.  And it looks like you could live in it.  I had many other favourites but I decided they were not really me.  Too styled and too colour matched. 

No room is perfect though is it?  This one needs ( and could indeed have), a wall of bookshelves to the left.  And a fireplace.  And some more art.  And then it would be heaven. 

Go visit Ally and check out all the other amazing picks. 

(Image from Living Etc) 


Lucy said...

oh, yes that room is lovely and you're right, books would be a clincher! I think I must pluck up the courage to get a more daring rug!

I wonder how many people will know straight away at least which room in the house the pic they choose will be, eg. is sitting room key for you..

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

ive really enjoyed going through everyone's selections, and this is one of the best! gorg room.

brismod said...

This was a lot harder to do that I thought. And you're right - many rooms are too styled and matchy matchy. This is a lovely room, Jane. And I agree, more books!

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful! I love all of the natural light, the colors, and the fact that it looks like a place where you could go and be comfortable.

I have been thinking about what room to submit. I took this challenge last year, and the room I picked is no longer in favor with me - it is a bit fussy, and I am feeling much more tailored these days.

- Holly

Ann said...

Hi Jane... I like this post of yours so much I hopped on over to Ally's blog challenge and did it too... thank you! I love your room - not matchy matchy at all - I have just re-read your post and realised I added books, art and a fireplace to my picture too... great minds perhaps? Can't stand a room without pictures and something lovely on the walls..

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Jane,
That is indeed a lovely room....getting close to my perfect room. I love the light.Our house is very late Victorian so is not overly light...... but, we do have the original fireplaces in every room, and , you can't have everything !!!! I don't think that I would know what my 'perfect' room would be.....and, I think that you are room is perfect.
Many thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. You are a kind and generous blogging friend Jane, and I'm so glad that I found you. XXXX

FTRB said...

So glad to have you participate in the challenge, Jane! LOVING this room! That rug always makes me look twice and I've been contemplating some simple drum shade pendants like these lately after all the crystal I usually go for. There's a real relaxed feeling about this room while also being sophisticated. Thanks for playing along. P.S. I think you're divine as well. :)

annechovie said...

I like your style, Jane! Great post and thanks for your sweet comment. Have a great week. xoxo

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

This is one issue of Living etc that I return to over and over. I love this room, mostly because of that gorgeous floor rug which I have coveted for years now!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

This is one of my favourite rooms from the challenge. I really like the black and white, with the pops of colour. I love that rug!

Marija said...

Love your choice. I am having trouble narrowing it down to just one picture as well. For many of the same reasons! I thought I was getting closer but now I have to add your picture to my list as well which means I'm actually getting farther away from narrowing it down to just one pic!!

Amanda said...

I think this room you've picked is really loved - stylish yet still warm and homely.

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