Friday, June 4, 2010

Local Antique Dreaming

Every now and then when doing a little on line window shopping I have a peep at this antique store, Miguel Meirelles.   I love everything about this shop: its facade, the fact that most of the stock is still in France, and the little bereted man taking photos who is occassionally reflected in the mirrors.  

But most of all I love the fact that this shop is not in the US, or Wiltshire, or the 6th Quartier, rather it is about 5 km up the road from me.   So it is not fantasy.  It is real. If I chose to I could get in my car, drive there, and buy these French banquettes and be back home in 15 minutes.  

These banquettes are something I have been looking at recently.  In a completely hypothetical way.  I have  nowhere to put them of course.  And really,  whilst they are suitable for 18th century perching near a fire, how often do we perch politely these days?  

 Really they should be in this home:

(Pio Ricci 'The Love Letter' 1875)

And they would work well in this kind of space - a pinky salon style living room.

Or maybe in a hallway, for resting between household chores.

Whatever their use, I think I love them because they perhaps are so useless. Delicate, and green, and a bit pointless. 

This weekend, some quince cooking, and some vegetable planting.   And lots and lots of sleep, if the Gods are on my side.  

(Images: (1) Meirelles (2) ThursdaysAntiques (4) Ludwig Design


Millie said...

Agreed Jane. If these lovelies came home with me, I'd be constantly shoo-ing MOTH & the big boys away from them. Definitely not made for lumbering 100kg. males! Hope all your weekend plans come to fruition.
Millie ^_^

水慧 said...
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jules @ The Diversion Project said...

ooo, they're gorgeous. i can see them in your entry way re-done in a black and white stripe, holding nothing more than a fabulous uber bag - all in the name of decoration of course : )

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Jane,
Well, I think that there is always room for something pointless but pretty. Get in that car and get yourself down there and tell the man in the beret to wrap them...toute suite !!!!
Sorry that I missed your last post....don't know what happened there but, I LOVE Waterloo. I would eat my own liver with a rusty spoon, if it meant that I could have the beautiful ironwork !!!! XXXX

Mise said...

Oh do buy them, Jane! I would if I were even a little bit closer. You could place them at the ends of your beds, or use them as ottoman-style coffee-tables. And those pink chairs in the salon are wonderful. If he sells anything like those too I'll buy a ticket to Australia on a big old ocean liner.

Laura said...

I love these...I feel like they belong in a big light-filled hallway with some fabulous huge piece of art above them.

Reggie Darling said...

Wait a minute, benches are for sitting? I thought the whole point of them is how they LOOK in a room, not whether one actually sits in them. I say buy them, and be damned! Reggie

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