Friday, August 27, 2010

196th Post - Cath Kidston Giveaway

I wasn't planning on doing a giveaway for this post.

(outside of case)

But life got in the way.  What happened was this (in chronological order).

1. Some weeks ago, I ordered a Cath Kidston IPhone case from the UK.

2. My replacement work IPhone to replace the one I dropped and smashed developed a completely battery that wouldn't charge.

3. I got new replacement IPhone and IT ordered me a new IPhone 4 (presumably stop all the property damage).  They said the new phone might 'take a while' to arrive.  I promptly forgot all about my pending new phone.

4. I had small but terse email tiff with Cath Kidston over slowness of delivery of my order.  ('How can you charge so much and take so long to deliver your stuff? Australia is not the moon' That kind of tiff.)

5. My new IPhone case finally arrived on Wednesday (I do generally find that things arrive the day after a complaint about slow mail service is made).  Hooray.  It was beautiful and fit snugly.

6. I enjoyed my IPhone case for 1 whole day.

7. On Thursday my IPhone 4 arrived.  I then discovered that my 24 hour old IPhone case does not fit new IPhone.

8. I cried.   Well not really, after all it's only a phone case.

So, here's the deal.

If you want this amazing case -  used for one day only - it is very simple.  

(inside of case)

This is what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment below. 

2. Become a follower if you are not already.

3. Live anywhere in the world.

I will draw it in 7 days.  

Happy Weekend. xoxo


Liz said...

Oh no that sucks for you :(. I don't have an iPhone, but that's a very pretty case. You must be pissed!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Sucks indeed!!! and especially after an email tiff!!! no pleasure in that!!

Well what a coincidence.!!
I'm leaving a comment
I am a follower.. and
I live anywhere in the world!!!!
but.. I don't have an iphone!! so I'll leave the chance to someone who does!!

Well Jane I am at 197 posts.. maybe I should save up my giveaway for 200th... Hope you have a lovely day.. and no more dropping phones!! xxx Julie

Ann said...

Do you remember when I posted about iPhones when I saw that case...? Months later I still haven't got an iPhone but I would if I had the case... could I just carry the case around without the iPhone...? Maybe you could have done that to alleviate the pain!

natasha said...

Oh that's so annoying! I had a terrible feeling that I knew where your post was going as soon as you mentioned the case and then the new iPhone4 :-/

Anyway it's very nice of you to give away your long-awaited case :) I would love to enter! and if I don't win, will wander on over to the Cath Kidston site myself (at least I will have been forwarned about their slowness).

Have a lovely weekend.

Astrid (Mrs.B) said...

I'd love to join! I have an iphone and absolutely love it. I don't have a case yet.
I'm already a follower and I live anywhere in the world!

Kerry said...

Hi Jane. I gave my iPhone to the first born who I'm sure would love this case! Not sure I should have given it up for a crackberry with a gorgeous case like that! Oh well. Maybe it won't take too long for Cath (or someone who delivers quicker) to come up with Version 4 covers :)

Jane said...

Rats, Jane! That is a crying shame. The cover is very lust-worthy but I don't have an iPhone. Have you asked Cath Kidston if they do any different sizes? There must be a market for it. Have a better weekend! J x

Rebecca said...

pick me pick me!

(aside point: how hard is it to find lovely iPhone cases??)

(oh, and congrats on the 196 posts!)

Privet and Holly said...

LOVE this
case AND your
good humor for
sharing it!
I just popped
over from the
sidebar on Small
Acorns ~ happy
day! I will
follow and look
forward to reading
more : )
xx Suzanne

Tina said...

Oh what a shame Jane, especially after your long wait and tiff:( Wish I had an iphone. Lucky person who gets to use this gorgeous cover! I love the pattern:) Happy weekend to you Jane ~ Tina x

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Could you not ask IT to replace your phone with older less problematic model? I thought Apple's issues with the iPhone v4 were of the technical kind. Now I see they are much more serious. I would cry too I think Jane. Happily I have older model iPhone, so if I were to win, your cover would have a very happy home! xx

Mise said...

(I'm not an iPhoner, so shan't enter, but am here to commiserate and to remark that I don't recall ever ordering anything from CK without them being horrendously slow or messing up the order.)

Maria said...

I just stumbled upon your blog Jane and it's nice to be here! I can relate with the iphone frustrations...I got a new iphone 3gs delivered and it didn't work! I then waited 2 and a half weeks for another one - argh!

Anyway, love your blog - am about to become a follower and I live across the border :)

Emma said...

oooh... count me in please!!! I loathe my iPhone, but may love it just a bit in the ever so lovely Cath Kidston disguise! Emma

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