Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Megan Park cushions are now just a short walk away.....

I love making my own cushions.  I truly do.   

But to be homest, what I like even more is ogling and then buying other beautiful cushions.  And the very best are coming to my local shopping strip, thanks to Megan Park, Melbourne based textile and fashion designer, whose work takes inspiration from embroidery in Delhi, antique markets in France and the London design scene. 

Her new shop in High Street, Armadale, designed by Suzie Stanford, another excellent and talented Melbourne person about whom I wrote here, opens this week.

There will be cushions galore, delicately embroidered, one of a kind, little stuffed pieces of beauty. 

These cushions are just the thing for this kind of interior:

And I expect that there will also be beautiful clothes for me to gaze upon longingly:

This dress seems to me to be directly descended from this Turkish crewelwork wrap Megan created in 2003:

This is from Vogue Australian January 2010: 

And here is a glimpse of her Melbourne home as featured in Home Beautiful last year:

Target this is most definitely not.  But these are pieces to save up for, treasure and love.  I have many times made the mistake of buying cheap cushions. I know people say that is okay because then you can change the look of a room but I don't agree.  

Whilst I have nothing against a perfect tea towel cushion,  I think cushions shouldn't be throwaway and poor quality.    They age and date badly, go lumpy in no time and look like rubbish within 6 months.  Now, I am coming around to the thought that they should last and last and be treated like an investment.    What do you think?  I know this is hardly world hunger on the importance scale, but it is very interesting how people choose to spend their hard earned money. 

So now I get to the important part. 

My plan for the next year is to only spend money on things which are high quality and reasonably timeless and which I will use or return to again and again.  No Ikea.   No Target.  No Sportsgirl.  No nylon-y underwear.  No cheap knitted tops from Witchery.  No Howard's Storage World.  No cheap chardonnay.   No OK or Hello or Grazia.   No braindead chick flicks.   No cheap plastic play cars for the children.  No Party Animals (if you don't know what these are consider yourself blessed).   (Actually I may make an exception for storage because I keep needing so much of it).    This will be my year of no rubbish purchases.    Depending on how my discipline holds up it will stretch out for a lifetime, or compress into 6 months.    Only time will tell. 

(Images (1) to (4) from Megan Park (5) Not sure sorry (6) EmbroiderersGuild (7) Vogue Australia (8) Home Beautiful)


Kerry said...

Ooh, I really look forward to hear how you go with your no-rubbish year Jane! When we look about our homes it's usually the things that last that we cherish and love the most isn't it. Although I do confess to a small love affair with Ikea for some things, especially their frames and fabric!

count it all joy said...

But, if I don't shop at IKEA or Target, where will I shop? I'm afraid it's become a habit and I don't know if I can bring myself to pay for quality. Maybe when my children stop smearing Vegemite on things or dragging my china plates to use for tea parties in their cubby house I will start investing in quality.

I believe in quality when it comes to whitegoods, pots and pans and food. Not so much when it comes to just about everything else:) In my dreams I'd wear nothing but "quality" labels, but in this season of my life, it would be a lesson in futility. More power to you though, your decision makes a lot of sense. But seriously...can you really give up IKEA? Meredy xo.

Jane said...

I may need to incorporate a range of carve outs: Ikea for storage, and maybe things I have been looking for for years. Just today I bought a plastic brown onion shaped container for holding cut up onion to store in the fridge without making everything else smell of onion. I have been looking for one of these for the longest time. Its plastic and cheap but I will use forever so it doesn't count!

brismod said...

Those are definitely divine cushions! Those K-mart hari krishna orange cushions my Mum gave me aren't doing well. A bit lumpy already. So, I think your no-rubbish year is a good idea. Does vintage Target and Ikea count? And am I a bad mother for not knowing what Party Animals are. I'm on my way to google them. xx

Mise said...

Yes, I say to this, a big yes. It's something I never consciously decided but have evolved into over the past years: I won't buy junk. OK, I'm still tempted occasionally by junk storage, but always regret it. And it feels good not to go into high-piled noisy shops and come out with things that will last a season and add to the world's waste-heap.

I think there's a place for the flimsy and transient (trying to stop short of the Made Exploitatively in China) for young adults, who haven't made much money yet and don't know what they want, and move continents every year anyhow. But for me, in my thirties and somewhat settled, that's not right any more. Bravo, Jane, and I bet your stance lasts and lasts.

Karena said...

Hi Jane, there is almost nothing I love more than beautiful cushions and pillows. I adore the ones you have shown!!
Fabulous new shop!

New giveaway is on my site!

Art by Karena

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Jane,
I must take a leaf out of your book. I have made quite a few 'rubbish' purchases lately !! We are off to Italy in a week and I think that I panicked and bought some rubbish clothes that have been relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe to be forgotten !! I am usually of the persusion of buying things that will last, so I must have just had a mad moment . You are so right. If you buy well, it's always best. The cushions that you have shown are beautiful as are the clothes. If one can, it's always best to buy qiality. I will class my latest endeavours as a little blip and move on !! XXXX

Unknown said...


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koralee said...

Oh these are lovely!!! Good quality is so important my friend...xoxox

Laura said...

I couldn't agree with you more Jane! Although I've been taking this route for a while and the upshot is that I never buy anything. So instead of having a home accented by beautiful pieces I have a home filled with stuff I want to replace but can't because I haven't saved up the 10,000 for the couch that I want!

Raina Cox said...

I think I could give the pillows in photo #2 a very happy home.

Joslyn said...

i am completly with you...trying to focus on quality over quantity.
it's hard...but worth it!

Unknown said...

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