Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Pretty

I bought the August \ September copy of Vogue Living yesterday.

Of course whilst I am not buying any magazines for a year, I make an exception for this one because I post it to Raina in Colorado.   So it is not really for me.    Incidentally, I had a real magazine buying urge on the weekend and I sated it by looking at the Vanity Fair website.   Easy.    

I don't know what has happened to Vogue Living but it is much improved.  Well I do know actually, they have relaunched it and have a relatively new editor.   It is thicker (over 1 centimetre - wow!) and mercifully not nearly as Sydneycentric as it has been in the past.

(Did you know my husband invented the term 'Sydneycentric'? Every time we hear it in the media or in conversation he says to me 'I invented that term 20 years ago.  And I get no credit for it at all'.  But I digress).

This Vogue Living has a feature on John Derian's two homes, and a special on Istanbul, including the home of a Turkish designer called Zeynep Fadillioglu.  This is a  bedroom in her house:

And then the south of France 'bolthole' of Jaqueline Morabito:

This bathroom..... I love the way the bath and basin are part of the walls and floor.

If I could have my way in my house all our walls would be rough plastered.  (Apologies for bluish pics, having tech problems today).

Even the entrance stairwell has the patina of age.

Happy weekend to you all.  Spring is coming to Melbourne and the sun is out and I have lots of little projects to do around the house this weekend.

And thanks for your thoughts and nice comments about my son's night terrors.  I have turned the heating off in his bedroom and it is making a huge difference.  He is cold, but happy.


Ann said...

I think 'Sydneycentric' is a term heard only in Melbourne... but I'm not taking sides!

Happy spring to you - here in Auckland we are entering the wet. Or wit as we now call it. A x

Karena said...

Very cool Jane would love to see more images!!

Art by Karena

Julie@beingRUBY said...

haha Sydneycentric.... i Like it.. and have to say being from Sydney prefer my magazines to take me elsewhere....

You're killing me Jane.. I may to go buy this one .... dying to see John Derian's homes as I am fascinated by his work.... and Instanbul.. another favourite...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.. and sorry i missed the post about your son's night terrors.... maybe I should turn my heat down too... xxx Julie

brismod said...

So, your husband is the one to thank for that one. We northerners use it all the time. I'll make sure to attribute it to him when I have my next rant. Good to hear there's improvement with your son's night terrors too. xx

Emma said...

Thrilled to hear something helped! Have a lovely weekend. Emma

Slim Paley said...

Hi Jane
Even though I live in Southern California, so our seasons are the opposite of yours, I could never give up my Australian Vogue Living/Entertaining magazine subscriptions! I have subscribed, in all it's forms, for longer than I dare admit. They'e been an endless source of inspiration- especially the recipes. The photography is gorgeous- even the quality of the paper is superior to most of our American publications. I'm such an Australian Vogue Living/Entertaining nerd that I even sent a complaint when they went to the crazy large format for awhile (THAT didn't last long...I like to imagine it was my letter that instigated the change back :) )
Can't wait to get the latest issue!

Best wishes,

Laura said...

Why do we not have Vogue Living in the US? I would die to see into John Derian's homes!! Did you hear that his line for target goes on sale on Sept 5th? The stuff looks gorgeous...and cheap!

Raina Cox said...

I'm shivering with anticipation!

Thanks so much, Fabulous Jane.

@Laura - We had a US version a few years ago. I think it published 3 or 4 issues before folding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Love the walls and colors in the first picture. Stunning!
Thank you for following my blog, and your sweet comment. You are right it is wonderful to see them grow and mature ...
I am also following your wonderful blog!

have a lovely weekend


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