Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspiration Boards for Children

I have been looking for a place to keep all of the various odds and ends which seem to scatter themselves around the house and thought I would do an inspiration board for the children.

I wanted to use Homasote, as demonstrated by Ally in her divine board.  Unfortunately Homasote is a proprietary product only made in the US.

If you want to give a manly supply person from Bunnings a good laugh, call them and ask them if they stock Homasote, as I did.     I then looked at soft board and other types of board.  I then gave up and bought two cork boards from Office Works for $20 each.

They were the wrong size (rectangular rather than square), so I had to cut them down.

I felt that our scary saw was worth a photo.  I have used it before  but I have never before noticed the supreme irony of its packaging.  Yes that is right, it has a graphic image of a crocodile on the cover, and yes it is called 'The Irwin'.    I felt that was rather bad taste but at least the animal featured is not a sting ray.

Once I cut the cork board down I stapled my fabrics around the back, making sure to pull them very tight as I went.

This fabric is an Alexander Henry by Kelani. I thought it had a touch of Jonathan Adler about it.

And here they are completed.

I haven't finished pinning bits and pieces to them, but here they are now.

This was really quite an easy project, and the children love them...


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Jane
Wow .. this kiddy inspiration board is cute.. and great for letting them develop their own style.. what a good mum you are!!

I gave me a good laugh.... Bunnings and Homasote.. hahahaha I can see it now... i seem to be in Bunnings every few days and I'm sure they don't know what to make of me...and the saw!! great stuff!!!

Okey dokey.. have a great day.. xxx Julie

Jane said...

Hi Jane Love your work! You've given me a great idea. Boards like that are really essential when you're living on Planet Baby, I agree. I have also made one using a rectangle of corkboard, painting it navy and then getting it framed with a silver metal trim. The framer added screws and cord and hey presto, all done! Jane x

Natasha in Oz said...

I have been looking around for nice memo boards for my kids too and have been most disappointed with what is available...you should market these-I'll buy two!!!

Best wishes,

brismod said...

They look fabulous Jane. Much more interesting than cork. Glad you didn't crucify the bear, which I probably would've been inclined to do...xx

Danielle said...

they look super cute. I think I might need to give them a go too.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

They are wonderful. So much nicer than the board I have for my daughter. I shall try again. ps the saw is hysterical. I don't think we own a saw and that one is pretty out there! xx

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello and thank you for your comment on my guest post over at Monika's and for popping into my little blog corner as well. x

Yes, I live in Sydney. Am Swedish but you know how the Viking blood seem to make us all a bit nomadic.. :)

Lovely to find your cyber turf too and that you too live in Australia. I look forward to exploring your blog and to get to know you better.

Have a great rest of the week.

xx Charlotta

Monika said...

Dear Jane, these look amazing. I love those two fabrics, they match perfectly. Well done!

Ann said...

These look great! Lesson for me - fabric not paint when it comes to cork. I have painted my grotty old Bunnings corkboard but can't quite put it on the wall as it looks so average! A x

Mise said...

What a fine use for your pretty thumbtacks, and now I'm doubly envious of your staple gun.

Unknown said...

Of course the children love them...who wouldn't, these came out gorgeous! Great idea I might have to try, as my girls would flip for these as well! Thanks!

Unknown said...

...good job there Jane!..I found you threw Heather Cameron @ A Day In The Country......You mentioned it was colish in Melbourne!...yikes our daughter is on her way to Australia in 12 days!..oh well!....
Now off I go to read more about you!

count it all joy said...

These are fabulous, Jane. The fabric, the covered tacks {no greater love has a Mummy than to make covered tacks!} it's all wonderful. Well done.

Meredy xo.

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

These look wonderful, Jane..! Just perfect.

I hope your little one's terrors diminish. Noah has a similar problem in that he has eczema and is itchy, which wakes up in the middle of the night...and then he's tired and on and on. Not to mention Bill and I. And he's six.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for your kind words over there... Honestly - you made me all teary-eyed (this is good, not bad)... Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I was very touched and wanted to let you know that I appreciate it.

much love,

Millie said...

Hey Jane
It's the manly blokes from Bunnings here. We've decided to make you our Blokette of the Week for such an awesome job on them Mood Board thingies. We've got no idea what they are, but geez mate, GREAT JOB for a chick!

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