Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flowery Florals in central London

The new edition of Lonny contains a story on Cath Kidston's London home. 

Now many seem to like that red living room. Others have some criticisms of this edition. I do like a good on-line evisceration, check out My Favourite and My Best and If the Lampshade Fits for some entertainment.

But what I liked the very most was this brilliant Mies Van Der Rohe style super modern extension to her old home.  I love the contrast between ancient and new, especially that view out onto the old brick wall. 

This part is not at all what I would expect of Ms Kidston.   Let's face it a little Cath Kidston goes a very long way.  I am glad she takes my advice and applies her lovely florals in moderation.  

I love glass boxes.   Partly because I live in one at home.  There is something about the combination of large walls of glass and a grassy outlook.  Here are two more I rather like:

Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe

The Glass House by Philip Johnson (1949)

The other room I loved was her master bedroom.  This is quite a conservative room, and I think that is okay.   It is still really restful, incorporates a wonderful antique really well, and still has little modern touches.  I can relate to this mainly because I actually don't want my bedroom to be faddy and super trendy.  I also agree with her view that the bedroom is a place for very special things.  Just don't keep them in your bedside table drawer.  That is very first place the burglars look.  Trust me, I know.

And this is her red living room which is certainly eye catching but am not sure I could live in it.  I like her art work though. 

Whenever I am in London I visit one of her shops.  She also ships to Australia, although the shipping costs are extortionate.  I tend to prefer her little bags and accessories rather than the major items like bedlinen.

In particular, I love her IPhone cases.  I have searched high \ low for one which will assist me to stop confusing my phone with everyone else's

I have also just ordered this wallpaper, to cover a hideous brown Ikea shelf in my daughter's room.    I am doing wallpaper outside, and paint inside the shelves.   Mainly because I think it will be easier.  I will show you once I have done it. 


brismod said...

Yes, the critique of the latest Lonny has been good entertainment. It is design blog fodder! And I agree with you about a conservative bedroom, it is a room for special things (and maybe a safe).

Ann said...

I have always quite like Cath Kidston's restrained approach to her own home - she has quite a sleek kitchen too perhaps surprising considering the country look exploding in her shops... she is limited in my life to ironing board covers and make-up bags... still haven't go an iPhone but that is the cover I still covet!

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Jane, thanks for sharing! I love CK but have never seen her home, so this is a real eye opener. Love her living room, I could do that! :-)

By the by, my drum shade came from Bunnings of all places - also came with a base as they didn't sell it separately.

Hope you have a great day!

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

The glass extension is a surprise for Cath isn't it? It looks lovely with her big garden outside, and I do LOVE your other glass box examples Jane. Your iPhone is going to look ever so lovely!

Emma said...

The iPhone cases are divine and am really looking forward to seeing how the shelf turns out!

Raina Cox said...

I still think that house is all over the place design-wise.

I get the feeling she wants to move in a more sophisticated direction but is realistic about what designs pay the bills.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Jane
Well I love a large glassed room with grassy outlook too... perhaps as my childhood home had a large extension/family room with large windows every wall.. I feel claustrophobic whenever I live without all that open space..

Love the Mies Van Der Rohe and the Philip Johnson... I must go on a search for a NZ house that really took my fancy..

Have a lovely week. xxx Julie

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I was thinking of getting the same wallpaper for a small room near our bathroom. I do admit to a floral addiction. I can't get enough of the old florals. I'm sure I was Flowerpots from Adventure Island in a previous life. I love Cath Kidston but wish they would open here as the postage is eye-watering. Lark are stocking some of her items but I must have it all. xx

Unknown said...

she is wonderful isn't she. I'd love a glass box - I hate curtains and love open space. Maybe one day, over on the island where our very rustic cabin is. My plan is to just push the cabin into the sea, wave goodbye, and then build a glass box to smile in all day.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Dear Jane, back again. You got me too excited talking about florals, wallpaper and Cath in the same post. Have you seen Wallpaper Direct? Their Millie paper is very like Caths but a bit cheaper and they do provide free samples. Here's a link to my shortlist page. Lots of florals or course! x

Splendid Willow said...

There you are! I did not think you liked me any more! (:

Ok, I am looking forward to your DIY project. I am sure it is going to turn out fabulous! I still remember what you did with the old speakers!

Hugs to you,


debra@dustjacket said...

Oh interesting house for Cath Kidston, love that wallpaper for your daughter, really pretty and your iphone cover. Mmm that didn't sound good about the burglars', you obviously speak from experience.

Thank you so much for your words, it's been very shocking actually. She was such a personality, really honest and funny too, she will be so missed.

xxx Dj

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Jane
me again.. hope your hubbies ankle is ok,. got to laugh though at the timing.. Have a great weekend xxx Julie

Mise said...

Ah, I'm glad to find this - I'm a closet fan of Cath Kidston (which is to say that I keep most of the stuff in my closet for fear of being Overwhelmed). But a few pieces here and there add a jolly frivolity, and anything I've bought from her has been of good quality - duvet covers that still feel starched after many washes, and sturdy and charming children's clothes.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

like you, i was surprised by that too, and slightly comforted even! the glass box ticks a lot of boxes in my book. and i always go there in london too, last time i biught a wallett and i love it, but it won't stick around a long as the dior bag i bought in paris! thinks that the thing with cath kidston stuff maybe, fun for a while. jx

Kellie Collis said...

I really had to laugh at that post about Lonny! xx

Unknown said...

Great minds think alike! I posted a Kidston Iphone case today as well! I loved the modern edition to her home (and I actually live 5 miles from The Philip Johnson Glass House!) :)

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