Friday, September 3, 2010

Barrow House Bathroom ...

Do bathrooms usually age well or badly?

I think of all the rooms in the house they can be the most prone to dating.  We did our bathroom before we had children and didn't pay that much attention.    I won't make that mistake again.   

It therefore has some deadly features:  square knobs on the cabinets which are apt to slice little hands open, tiles which are too pale and too creamy to keep particularly clean, and a tap which hangs elegantly over the bath in just such a spot that the children keep catching and bruising their backs on it.  You should see my son's back.  

I spend a bit of time sitting in the bathroom doing bath supervision.   For a range of reasons but mostly back protecting.   The splashing makes me a bit crazy but I am working on controlling my Bathroom Rage. 

But if I am going to spend time in the bathroom, I wish it could be in this one.   In front of the fire, with a glass of aged Reisling (that's a little joke).

This bathroom used to be a living room and you can tell.   I think I prefer it during the day because that overhead light it a bit too laboratory for me.  

What are your bathroom mistakes?  Surely I am not the only one who is brain dead in the practical bathroom department? 

(All Images from Andrew Maynard's Barrow House


brismod said...

You're right, bathrooms do date more than most other rooms. I liked the Barrow House concept too, so thanks for the link. We haven't done our bathroom yet....thinking long and hard about what to do there.

Liz said...

I hate my bathroom it is completely impractical. Theres a corner spa/shower which is raised and has a step, I cannot reach the taps to turn on the bath without physically getting in there first. The children cannot climb in by themselves either. The vanity is a corner one, well really its a very tall and skinny cupboard with a sink in the top. I can barely lean over it, let alone the children to wash there hands. It has tile mirrors above the sink, which are so high up I cannot see myself in them unless I am standing in the spa. Also the bathroom window, which is where the spa is, "hello neighbours!" , is an old shower screen that has been fixed to the wall :$

Monika said...

My biggest bathroom mistake is that I do not consider it as a proper room. It is the room that gets the least attention. I think my bathroom is very sad now.

scrapkowa maniaczka - Dorota 71 said...

O kurcze jaka cudna łazienka, a raczej pokój kąpielowy !!!!
Tylko pozazdrościć !!!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

havent done the bathrooms yet, but have a fairly solid wish list! and a fire is right up there at the pointy end of it.

Raina Cox said...

Our master bath remodel starts next month, and trust me, I've been over every square inch of it in my mind 100 times.

My only regret is that there is not another $5000 in the budget.

JMW said...

Our bathrooms are very outdated and not at the top of our to-do list. For right now, they're functional enough for the kids. Maybe down the road we'll give them a facelift. We'll see.

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

I think classic, clean lines will not date. Good design is timeless.

I have no bathroom regrets except that I wish we could fully re-do the one upstairs...


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