Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drive by Houses - Avoca Street, South Yarra

I often drive up Avoca Street on my way to the Tan for a run.

This is my absolutely favourite street in all of Melbourne. I know there are more perfect streets, and more well known streets, and more paved with gold streets, and this one certainly has its share of 1970's brick 3 storey apartment blocks. But it is on a hill, and is a short walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and it has some amazing houses.

I do love a good sticky beak at the outside of houses. It is why I prefer being a car passenger than driving. I am sure I have almost had many near misses, distracted by some wonderful facade as I drive past. In some ways gazing upon the outside is more satisfying than seeing inside a house. I often don't like the inside of people's houses. Especially those houses owned by people with lots of money. Sorry but it's true.

My way, one can furnish the house oneself. Elegantly, sparsely and relatively true to the period, with lots of modern touches thrown in.

Anyway, I thought I would take some sneaky photos to see if you agree with my assessment.

All the food groups are represented in Avoca Street:

Early Victorian 


Victorian Terrace (at the end of this row (called Lee Terrace) is Waterloo which I wrote about here)

Spanish Mission

Melbourne modern Palladian

1930s Georgian revival

Palm Springs


Forbidding and Inaccessible 


Do you see why I like it so much?  



brismod said...

Wow, that's a time tunnel in the one street! But I'm most fond of the terrace houses out of that mixed bag.xx

Ann said...

Such a lovely mix in one street - I remember how shocked and dismayed I was when moving to Sydney and seeing how ugly many of the suburbs are. Melbourne has such beautiful streets. I always feel so exposed taking sneaky shots of homes - you've done well to do a whole street! A x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Jane,
I can certainly see why you love it. That is some street and some houses. I love the first two the best. I should think that they would be way out of my leaguee. Just beautiful and I know what you mean about the insides. Whenever I see the details of a house, they often disappoint. XXXX

Privet and Holly said...

I'll take one of
each please....and
decorate it {in my
mind!} in my own little
way : )!!! I love
to be the observer,
as well....probably
my most favorite thing
to do, besides sit in
a cafe and people watch,
is to explore neighborhoods
when I travel. So
much fun!!
xx Suzanne

natasha said...

I think that Melbourne has a lot of really beautiful suburban streets, unlike Sydney. And so many people have such lovely front gardens, too (again, unlike Sydney). I really love the small weatherboard houses with pretty country gardens out the front - sigh!

Unknown said...


Maria said...

I'm amazed you knew all the styles of those houses - I would have no idea! They are all lovely houses and looks like a nice street too.

MFAMB said...

that is pretty fantastic. do you ever go for a night run? check that shit out stalker style?

Kristine said...

Yes, I'm right with you there. That second house is one of my all time faves. There's something about the gentle curve of the veranda roof that is very feminine, as opposed to the more masculine bull-nosed veranda roof of many Victorian homes. And the 1930s house is another beauty. I've often been tempted to whip out my camera in that street too. You've saved me the trouble.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Jane
I love all these houses... the victorian terraces do remind me of some in Sydney.. One of these days I will take some photos of my favourite street of houses.. wonder if they are still there.. I certainly hope so!!

Love photos by the way... keep them coming.. xxx Julie

Laura said...

I imagine that I would haunt this street as well if I lived in your part of the world! And I completely agree with you on the interior decoration can be such a disappointment! I recall once looking into a fifth avenue apartment from behind a window at the guggenheim and being absolutely horrified at the mess they'd created in that dreadfully expensive home.

JaniceM said...

Hi Jane, I love your blog! I lived on Kinkora Rd, Hawthorn, for almost 3 years with my now (Aussie)hubby. I loved that street, it too had so many beautiful homes. We're based in Dublin now, but heading back to Melbourne on hols, in 8 weeks, so I'll defo take a trip down Avoca St, when we get there!

Millie said...

Love, love, love Avoca Street! I'm a total sucker for a good eyelash verandah, so the Georgian beauty in Pic #2 has stolen my heart.
Millie ^_^

Littlemissairgap said...

Not only are there great houses in this street but like so many places in Melbourne, it has a wonderful coffee shop at the end, plus Home & Abroad to have a browse through. Oh Melbourne ... how I miss you ... said...

You have excellent taste in your appreciation of this beautiful street.

Anonymous said...

I agree Ann. Melbourne's suburbia is really quite beautiful. Very neat and well maintained gardens. Sydney, on the other hand, was a hideous mess. A modern house would stand next to 19th century history. So inconsistent!

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