Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring Quiet

Finally, on Sunday, 3 weeks into spring,  we had an actual spring day.   

We spent time in the garden, splashing in the water, and admiring the blossoms on the pear trees and the Japanese maples which are slowly coming into leaf.   We have planted a dogwood to replace a tree which was not thriving, and we pulled out our previously happy grapefruit tree which just dropped dead, as only trees can, a couple of weeks ago. 

I don't know about you, but I feel that this  has been a winter too long.  And I don't even like the hot weather but this year, I am really ready for it.  And I am so ready for spring and all that  entails: peas, lamb, beans, silky green things, lots of linen, salads and outdoor spaces which will help me shelter 'most shadily'.

(cover of the September 2010 edition of my favourite food magazine, New Zealand Cuisine.  You may feel the lamb butterfly is a bit too much but I love it)

Gone were but the Winter,

Come were but the Spring,

I would go to a covert

Where the birds sing.

 (Imogen riding her too small bike - she is too frightened of her 'big bike')

Where in the whitethom

Singeth a thrush,

And a robin sings

In the holly-bush.

(my out of control parsley - what can I do with it?  Parsley soup? Tabbouleh?)

Full of fresh scents

Are the budding boughs

Arching high over

A cool green house:

(my summer aim - create a cool outdoor space) 

Full of sweet scents,

And whispering air

Which sayeth softly:

'We spread no snare;

(another planned project - a gallery wall, no matter how ubiquitous they are, I love them done well)

'Here dwell in safety,

Here dwell alone,

With a clear stream

And a mossy stone.

(and a final project - to get around to doing some big pots of lavender and rosemary)

'Here the sun shineth

Most shadily;

Here is heard an echo

Of the far sea,

Though far off it be.

by Christina Rossetti (1847)

(a pear tree in blossom)

(Images (1)(2)(3)(7) Jane (4)(5)(6) Skona Hem) 


rouge said...

"I don't know about you, but I feel that this has been a winter too long". Sorry to be contrary but I feel that this has been a winter too short! Last summer got alloted a whole extra month, and didn't finally pack its bags until well into April, and it seems this Winter had only just got started when it ended. Yesterday in Sydney it was 27 degrees!In September. I mean, come on Weather Fairies!

Jane said...

Hi Rouge - we all know that there is never a Real Winter in Sydney (sorry but it's true) and for those who love the cold that is hard. But here, it has been the coldest rainiest winter for years and years!

Maria said...

It has been the same in Adelaide - normally this time of year I'm wearing t-shirts and open toe shoes but no, still have the coat on! Can't complain about the rain but I am so with you - bring on summer!

koralee said...

Our fall is upon us...and I am loving the cooler weather...I will see what I feel like in a few months time when the snow is falling. Happy Week to you.

Tina said...

Oh I have to agree with you Jane, it has been a very long and grey winter here in the New England of NSW. Although I have loved sitting near the fire, it is so lovely to have some warm fresh air breeze through the house and to sit and feel warm sunshine on your face, is wonderful. Hope the lovely weather continues for you. Wishing you a lovely week (oh and since my Hubby works for Meat & Livestock Australia...love the lamb butterfly ;)!!). ~ Tina xx

Glamour Drops said...

Yes, yes, yes - bring on spring! Melbourne springs are just a tease - a morning of promise, then an afternoon whip of icy wind - but at least it means we can enjoy the last few evenings of cosy log fires and delicious shiraz, before the warmer days are here for good. Love your image of your daughter on her bike - her face is so expressive! And a reminder of how FAST they grow up, too...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

How lovely for you to have Spring on your doorstep Jane. I can't be too envious, as we have had our Spring and Summer and are now into Autumn, which I love.
Your garden looks lovely. I remember some of your photographs from last year. You have worked really hard in it. I love the one of your daughter on her bike....it won't be long before her 'big bike' will not seem like a monster and she will be off !!
Enjoy the warm weather Jane and, of course, the delicious food that those seasons bring forth. XXXX

Mise said...

Oh I enjoyed this - the rigour of old verse always enthralls me as we modernists freewheel about the web. And, the epitome of a fretful mother, I like how Imogen looks so safe and happy behind that big gate. There'll be time enough for the big bike.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

such a great post, loved it! it's going to be 30 here today, i'm kind of wondering where spring went?!

Laura said...

I personally love the lamb butterfly. And am so jealous of all of that parsley (but have no idea what on earth you ought to do with it)!

24 Corners said...

I truly am thrilled that you visited because now I can enjoy your wonderful blog...I've been exploring and it's wondeful...how have I not visited before?

I've been to Australia twice...not Melbourne though...the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay etc...we did visit the Hunter Valley though which is pretty close to you and was very beautiful. We drove there from the Gold Coast in a Scooby Doo van...so fun & very interesting!

Hope the weather warms up for you soon...loved the picture of Imogen AND the lamb (although I don't eat it...it was very pretty).
xo J~

24 Corners said...

I'm stand corrected...my husband just informed me that the Hunter Valley we were in (wine country) was nowhere near Melbourne...I tend to think I have an internal compass...but I really don't, especially on the other side of the world!

btw- thanks for the follow! :D

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