Sunday, September 5, 2010

Giveaway Winner

It is Father's Day here in Australia.

Just a quick post to announce the giveaway winner.   I know a lot of you who commented said you didn't have an iphone but you all went into the truly random draw which was drawn by a small Spiderman.

The winner is Amanda from Small Acorns.   Amanda - email me with the best address for you and I will post it to you tomorrow.

And now, when you are walking coolly down the streets of Auckland like Lauren Santo Domingo, you can be certain that when you drop your phone it won't break!

For all of you having a Father's Day thingy, have fun.  To all of you having a double Father's Day thingy (for your father and then for your children) don't let the family organisational stress get too overwhelming...

My children have given their father a tomato plant, and a plastic container of Worm Wee.  It's true.  It looks like cranberry juice and smells like wee.  I don't know where it came from and I don't want to know.   And of course then there is the mind boggling concept of how they get the wee from the worms in the first place.  I am wondering if perhaps worm wee is a euphemism for pureed worms.   



Mise said...

How you must be counting the minutes till Mother's Day and your own magnificent gift! Lots of applause for your enterprising children.

Karena said...

Really too funny...I might not ask many questions!

Art by Karena

brismod said...

What a classic Father's Day present! It is definitely the gift to give to the person who has everything.

The House That A-M Built said...

Love sharing the morning with early bloggers! Oh the worms! HIlarious! My lads Dad got nothing but a 'Fab Dad' badge to wear, as he scored big time on his birthday the day before. A-M xx

Millie said...

The prize has gone to the nicest of Shaky Isles bloggers, that gorgeous Miss Amanda!
Millie ^_^
P.S. Thanks Jane for your sweet comment today - not sure if it was my silver blouse or silver hair you were referring to!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Yeah for Amanda
and yeah for small spiderman!!! xxx Julie

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