Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eames chairs for children, cheapskates (and me!)

Below are some photos of the replica Charles Eames children's chairs offered by a lovely online Australian retailer called Little Nest. My favourite is the blue lined Egg Chair. And - they are currently having a sale.

We have been looking for two chairs for our library/ home office/ playroom for about a year. Everything seemed to be dreadfully expensive, this is common in Australia where you can pay up to 30% more for these kinds of imported items.

Then we came across Life Interiors based in Sydney which sells replica Eames chairs (amongst other things).

So this is what we decided to buy. Two replica chairs. They arrived two weeks ago, just at the time Lee from Glimpse of Style posted her lovely photo of the fish wallpaper office with the white Eames chair - see here.

Here is one of the chairs at my desk at home. Note the complete absence of paper. You might get the impression that not much is done at this desk! But that is the way I like it. And of course this photo doesn't show the cords and plugs and little charging boxes underneath the desk. Oh how those powercords annoy me. Does anyone have a solution for the tangled mess under all our desks these days?

The chairs are white leather upholstered, and I cannot tell the difference from the real thing (well it is true that my eye is untrained).

And you know, I felt a teensy tiny bit guilty about buying a replica chair. I felt a little bit sullied. And slightly naughty. And that lasted about 30 seconds and then I felt really really great.

The money you save on the grown up Eames replica can be then spent on the children's Eames replica!


Laura said...

I love those chairs but could never bring myself to pay those outrageous prices...this is a wonderful resource! I too like a perfectly clear desk, I find it much easier to think when there is nothing in the way. I've found a couple of cord organizers at the Container Store...check on their website under desk accessories and cord control. They've got all sorts of gadgets.

Anonymous said...

Jane, you are so funny. Your comment cracked me up today - I too am very opinionated and don't mind letting you know it(!) I worked in an office where we had a set of those in gray and I always wanted a white one for my office. I have mixed feelings about knock offs but having said that, yours looks fabulous and look at that beautiful workspace! You've shamed me into going and cleaning my desk . . .

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I am a big Eames lover- I have seen the kiddies ones- brilliant but I want one for myself first... a grown up one- but I will be happy with a fake.

eames lounge chair repro said...

Herman Miller had to settle because their claim was fatally flawed (at law, that is, not morally).

That is why the Matt Blatt 'concession' is so pathetic.

I still say the quality is poor compared to their competitors.

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