Friday, July 3, 2009

A little felt bag

It is school holidays and my daughter spent the day at the amazing shop Ak doing some felting. Ak has all kinds of felt dolls, and wonderful knitted things inspired by the textile traditions of Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) - for example:

This is Rosie the English style doll.

This is a completely knitted doll (doing a bit of knitting herself).

And this is a quilt in vibrant scarlet, fuschia and burgundy.

My daughter returned home with a divine little felt bag she made.

Here it is.

I don't really understand felting. It's mysterious and traditional like velvet (which comes from the inside of reindeer horns doesn't it).

This is her description of how it was made (I have shortened it to the key steps as this was quite a long description):

I drew the little girl and then we cut out the shapes to make the girl. Then I chose the background felt and pressed the little girl shapes onto the background felt. Then we wet it all and we pressed really really hard flat down for a long time. Then we rolled it into a long long tube and then I had to bang and whack it really hard against the floor about at least 100 times. And then the picture stayed and then we sewed it and made the bag.

As you can see little girls can remember detail when they choose too!

It obviously made a big impression on her. Here's to all the artisans out there especially the felt making ones.

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