Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is this the most impractical bedroom ever?

It may be but isn't it exquisite. Maybe for a neat little 10 year old girl. If one exists. I did hear speak of one once.



Where would one keep all the dolls, dolls clothes, dolls house thingies, dress ups, scarves for head wrapping, broken plastic pink heeled shoes, beads, beads on elastic, beaded rings, wooden shop food, spare play and real sunglasses, various bags and wallets, stuffed animals, bits of cut out magazine, clay creations from school, tiny little shells, stones, leaves (both small and ginormous), twigs and bits of ribbon, card and other miscellanea picked up at school or in the garden which we just have to keep (until they are forgotten and I can discreetly throw them out), hair accessories, photos, Barbie's spare shoes and spare boyfriend (actually my brother's GI Joe), lip glosses (pink sparkly and the healthy olive oil I try to get her to use), secret diaries, broken open diaries when the lock didn't work, ribbons, head bands and other hair clips (divided into blue and white for school and pink and crazy for home), butterflies both felt and synthetic, and also dead and shrunken, birds nests, tiny china animals, drawings from school, home and presents from little school friends, origami cranes (we have 1000 in a clear glass vase), ponies (in the form of plastic My Lil, and slightly softer, magnet and paper dress ups, fairy wings, home made peg dolls, pipe cleaners, birthday cards, catalogues picked up from supermarkets and eccentrically hoarded and last but not least reams and reams of sticker books, board books, paperback, picture books and magnet books?

The above is an edited extract of what lies within my daughter's bedroom's four walls (and under the bed). And I consider myself a Neat Storage Freak.

Someone once told me that the main downside with little girls is that they have so much Stuff. Boys are happy with a bat and ball. I know that is a gender generalisation but to me it rings true.

My daughter's pink and green room gives us a lot of pleasure but this room would too. However unless there is a whole wall of cupboards and shelves and proper storage lying to the left of that bed just out of shot I don't think I could cope with it. At all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm was so greatful for this post. I thought i had the most impossible daughter (her collecting urge of the most ridiculous things ever) of all. But hear hear...what a relief! - LOL -

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