Monday, July 20, 2009

What I want - a four poster bed

I really really want a four poster bed. There. I have said it. I feel a bit embarrassed about this particular wanting. I know why I want one. It's all to do with dreams of being a princess. With or without a pea and the 12 mattresses.

I do not like four poster beds with lots of befrilled curtains and ruching and fabric. I do not like canopy beds. I do not like thick turned posts. I like them clean lined, with slim posts and modern.

These are my picks.


Okay, the last one is a bit of fun (great for Jonathan Adler of course), I don't think I could sleep in a disco four poster like this.

Sadly, beds like this do not pop up in antique shops in Melbourne. Nor are they easy to find in more modern furniture shops. Perhaps the best way is just to have it made by a furniture maker?


Lee said...

Hi Jane, love the post. I adore four poster beds too, but I definitely couldn't fit one in my small bedroom.

Check out this lovely four poster bed at Hermon & Hermon in Swan St right here in Melbourne:

Jane said...

Thank you! That one is very nice indeed...

Unknown said...

Oh my, this is a great collection of styles (love love love except for the disco)! I've always wanted one for as long as I can remember.. About 4 years ago I think Adriatic used to sell one - it was phenominally expensive for something that could almost pass for an Ikea piece. Mark Tuckey (?) on Johnston st in Fitzroy has a couple on display but again... $$$$$ for something that is a very simple design. You're quite right, I'm having to just get one custom made. At least i'll get exactly what I want!

Anonymous said...

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