Friday, July 17, 2009

Not another boring home entrance

McBride Charles Ryan are an architectural firm based in Melbourne practising primarily in residential projects.

They have won a number of awards for their shapely and angular, courageous designs, often located in leafy suburbs where the residents are often not that thrilled about looming modern shapes next door.

In Camberwell, a suburb or two to the east of my house, is the amazing Petrucelli House dating from 2008, which was designed for two photographers who said they wanted the sort of clean lines and precision they derive from their photographic studio.

Rob McBride says the design process began in 1996. Assuming this is not a typo that is one lengthy design process. But one person's picky client is another person's dream client, who lets the architect grow and develop his or her ideas, and create something truly fantastical.

The whole house is stunning but this in particular I love - a 20 metre swimming pool greets you as you enter the inside foyer of the house:

Yes this is a real swimming pool real people can swim in, although probably skinny dipping is not an option.

Thanks to the lovely RAIA for these images. Copyright in the design to McBride Charles Ryan of course. And the photos were taken by the owner, Louis Petruccelli.

I love it. But then this type of clean white architecture is my style. It gives a kind of cinematic quality to the act of swimming. What a pity people (even Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe) always look a bit flubbery underwater.

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The Goods Design said...

Oh my goodness - that is STUNNING!

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